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Middle-earth March Madness 2012 – Round 3!

March 27, 2012 at 6:51 am by newsfrombree  - 

We’ve reached the Elite Eight in our inaugural Middle-earth March Madness tournament! The match-ups in the second round proved to be quite historic, but none more than the Rankin/Bass Division. The top seed (1)Gandalf, narrowly won by a single vote. Yes, one vote out of 19,405 is all that defeated the great (4)Feanor! Proving once again that even the smallest of things can make a difference. In the other match-up, (6)Smaug lost to (2)Galadriel by only 100 votes in a competition that saw 20,616 total votes! The rest of the divisions were competitive, but did come down to less than 100 votes. (see all results here) Ultimately we’ve ended up with the number 1 and number 2 seeded competitors facing off in the Elite Eight!

(1)Gandalf will take on (2)Galadriel in a battle of characters that will be returning to the screen in the upcoming ‘Hobbit‘ films! In the Ralph Bakshi Division, (1)Bilbo Baggins will test his muster against a crowd-favorite (2)Aragorn. In the Tolkien Family Division, heavily favored heart-throb (1)Legolas will face off against the hardened savior of Middle-earth (2)Frodo Baggins. The Peter Jackson Division’s final competition comes served with a bit of irony. Peter’s division is the only one to have a competitor that was not represented on-screen in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The match-up finds the top-seeded (1)Glorfindel versus a heavy crowd favorite (2)Samwise Gamgee.

Follow after the break to place your vote and see the latest version of the bracket. (download) Voting will remain open until March 30th at Noon ET. You may vote as often as you like, so please share with your friends and family.

Rankin/Bass Division – Round 3
March 22nd – March 30th 2012

Ralph Bakshi Division – Round 3
March 22nd – March 30th 2012

Tolkien Family Division – Round 3
March 22nd – March 30th 2012

Peter Jackson Division – Round 3
March 22nd – March 30th 2012

Posted in Events, Fans, Headlines, Hobbit Movie, Lord of the Rings, LotR Books, LotR Movies, Other Events, The Hobbit, Announcements, Community, Tolkien on March 27, 2012 by
Thorin Oakenshield

66 responses to “Middle-earth March Madness 2012 – Round 3!”

  1. Mason-theresa says:

    Aragon over Frodo????Its not natural!

  2. Andrak says:

    wow, the elf in fancy armour getting beaten in a popularity contest against a 
    side-kick halfling gardener. I like Sam too … but not THAT much.

  3. Imanne says:

    I am having a hard time deciding on a few of these.  such a shame.  all very excellent characters.  But how can anyone vote against Samwise.  HE went through Shelob’s lair.  He went into Minas Morgul to fight the orcs.  He carried Frodo up the mountain.  He was a true hero and a true friend and remained a humble simple creature after.  I hope Sam wins. 

  4. George Booth says:

    This will be very interesting, still in shock that Legolas beat Pippin 🙁 but naturally all the top seeds left. GAMGEE PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Galade says:

    By Noon ET, they really mean when they feel like it, like an hour later. Watch out, Galadriel fans – Gandalf’s a cheater. He apparently turned time back an entire hour so he could win. 

  6. idA says:

    Legolas over Frodo? Oh hell no!

  7. Eowyn Clark says:

    If Legolas keeps “twitching” his votes from 42 to 43…… I think I will have to embed my axe in his nervous system!

  8. Aidan says:

    “You may vote as often as you like.” That is nice, I guess. I’m only gonna vote once though. What Is the point of finding the best LOTR character if you can vote a million times?

  9. Aidan says:

    I honestly think that this will come down to Gandalf and Aragorn. But anything can happen (As we saw with Feanor and Gandalf).

  10. Draugluin says:

    Glorfindel killed a Balrog, died, came back, and scared off all nine Nazgul, saving the hobbit’s, and Aragorn’s lives.

  11. ARWEN94 says:

    Sam is a Ringbearer and the Companion of Ringbearers! he is Hope Unquenchable! Vote for Sam!

  12. Sam says:

    Who cares that he’s an elf in fancy armor, or that he’d win in a fight? Sam’s character is a way more awesome. The whole story is about the little guy stepping up and making a big difference.

  13. Zhie says:

    Smaug and Feanor fans, you are invited – nay, encouraged – to come see how things would really have played out had the polls closed when they were supposed to. 

    Let’s do this thing.

    Fiery spirit vs. Fire starter.  You decide who wins.

  14. Jan Jarrell says:

     I find this kind of ‘competition’ extremely distasteful. To me, it is the antithesis of the word ‘Fellowship’.

  15. Debbie says:

    Remind me again why Frodo is still in the running?

  16. Eowyn Gamgee says:

    Pippin for sure! Tom Bobadil is great too! 🙂

  17. Eowyn Gamgee says:

    Right on George Booth Samwise Gamgee is the best!

  18. Nana Lvn says:

    I can`t belive that Legolas is winning from Frodo! Vote people!

  19. Nana Levin says:

    come on people! Frodo has got to win!

  20. Elfgirl101 says:

    Well, considering Legolas risked his life to try and save Pippin, I think it’s natural that most people will vote for the hero rather than the victim. However, I agree that Sam is way better than Glorfindel. I mean who is people going to vote for? The elf dude who killed the Balrog or the faithful and the steadfast Ring-bearer who stuck with his friend till the end? I don’t know about all you other people out there but I’m voting for Sam…and Legolas 🙂

  21. How did Glorifindel beat the Hobbits? Did the Silmarillion fans come out of the woodwork? I mean he’s cool in LOTR, but only two hobbits made it? I feel sad. 🙁

  22. George Booth says:

    Completely agree I just always felt more of a connection with Pippin. But will be voting Legolas this round 😀

  23. LotR1Fan says:

    I think I might cry if Legolas doesn’t win…. 

  24. Jo_Took says:

    I am still disappointed that Feanor had less votes than Gandalf. 😉 I like this Character so much!!!

  25. Zeddus84 says:

    Yay! I singelhandedly bumped up Glorfindel 0.01% I’M GOOOD!

  26. hans says:

    Am I the only person who genuinely prefers Glorfindel’s character to Sam’s 🙁 elves are getting a hard time of it here! 

  27. Eelhunter says:

    I think Glorfindel and Sam have a lot in common. Sam the friend till the end. Glorfindel, elf who sacrificed himself to save his friends.

  28. Addie says:

    It says that you can vote as much and often as you like, yet the webpage hasn’t allowed me to vote in hours.  Is this happening to every one?

  29. Frodo has to win. Legolas is just a filler character in the book. Frodo’s charater deals with all the major themes in the books.

  30. Lotrgeek303 says:

    If Legolas beats Frodo i will not be happy!  I mean Legolas is cool and all, but against Frodo – no!
    FOR FRODO!!!

  31. Horsewarden of Ithilien says:

    because without Frodo, the Ring is not destroyed, Sauron takes over, all of Middle Earth is lost and the whole thing goes to smithereens… there is no return of the King, no saving of the Shire, no beautiful Faramir/Eowyn happy ending, etc. 🙂  

  32. hobbitchick363 says:

    come on guys!!! a shield sufing elf against the main character of The Lord of the Rings??? VOTE FOR FRODO!!!!!!!!:D

  33. cairistiona says:

     Suddenly today it’s telling me, “Thank you, we have already counted your vote.” when I try to repeat vote.  Several people I’ve chatted with have had this same thing happen.  We’re wondering if multiple voting no longer allowed/counted? 

  34. Eledhwen says:

    Wow, Frodo needs to win! Legolas has basically no character at all in the books…..

  35. Will4ever says:

     Legolas over Frodo? Heavens, yes! 🙂

  36. John Payne says:

    two elf lords are being owned by a hobbit and maiar?  while legolas is trouncing frodo.  Galadriel who told Feanor to take a hike when he asked for a lock of her hair.  Galadriel who was punished by Valor for a few thousand years because she led elves to middle earth. Galadriel who was keeping Suaron in check while he was in Dol Guilder.  Then Glorfindel… tangled with a balrog, sacrificed himself to slay the balrog (and ensuring that Tour and Indril could escape) did a stint in the halls of mandos. sent back to middle earth by the Valar. tangled with the witch king of agamar and prophesized about how he would die (hand of man). saved the fellowship at the ford revealed as an Elf Lord to the Nazgul.  Then Elrond was originally going to send Glorfindel on the fellowship only to have Gandalf talk him out of it. 

  37. John Payne says:

    don’t forget Frodo failed in his quest.  he claimed the ring at the cracks of doom. Smeagol completed the quest for Frodo

  38. Me says:

    When Fordo will learn to surf and stop whining and being scared like all the time then…Nah. even then I willl not vote for him. Legolas all the way! 🙂

  39. Me says:

    Excuse me. Frodo dealt with “all major themes in the books” so good that he almost destroyed the Middle Earth if Gollum didn’t appear. Legolas is the most capable member of the Fellowship and he is not “just a filler.” No more than others in the Fellowship. 

  40. Debbie says:

    Umm, first of all, Frodo was an idiot and sent Sam away and put his trust in Gollum. Actually when you think about it, Sam was the reason Middle-Earth was saved. He rescued Frodo from Shelob and carried Frodo halfway to Mt. Doom. Sam also was a ring bearer but wasn’t tempted by it as Frodo was. Frodo nearly destroyed Middle-Earth when he took the ring. So, if Legolas doesn’t make it, Sam deserves to win.

  41. FantasyFan says:

    It is not allowing more than one vote for me either…?

  42. hobbitchick363 says:

    maybe he was scared because he had to take possibly the most evil thing in the world to a gaint volcano AND pass by Sauron undetected and he’s a HOBBIT. i would be pretty scared too if i had to do that. and he never whined.

  43. Hey you say that we can vote as many times we want, but since yesterday, that’s not been the case. What’s up with that?

  44. Elfgirl101 says:

    Um…Legolas was what? The third member to join the fellowship, an elven prince of Mirkwood, saved Aragorn’s butt a couple of times, helped the fellowship make their way through the pass of Caradhras, ran for several days to try and rescue Merry and Pippin, overcame millennia of prejudice to become besties with Gimli, as mentioned before and not to mention kicked some orc butt! I’m pretty sure that was mentioned in the books. Sorry, but to me Legolas is way cooler than Frodo, who technically didn’t save Middle-Earth. Credits go to Gollum…Smeagol…whatever you’d like to call him.

  45. Bregalad says:

    Bilbo vs. Sam in the finals! 

  46. Glorfindel!!!!! come on people its not too late!
    Glorfindel !!!

  47. LOOOOOL you guys are stupid. With out Glorfindel and the early elves Sam would have no world to SAVE!!!      

  48. Paulo says:

    Frodo wrote the Lord of the Ring !!!!! He deserved to win

  49. Guest says:

    you must be trollin’

  50. don’t forget Frodo failed..” Don’t forget Legolas is a bit player and a cardboard cutout.  Good grief Legolas < Frodo!

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