“What’s this? A ranger caught off his guard?”

Arwen to Strider during The Fellowship of the Ring

The fifth statue in Sideshow Collectibles The Lord of the Rings line and the first female statue has arrived. Which of the amazing female characters got the nod from Sideshow? Well, it’s none other than Arwen Evenstar.

As Strider is out looking for Kingsfoil while Frodo lay stabbed by the Witch King he is snuck up on by a certain female elf. Arwen would lightly give Strider grief for catching a Ranger off his guard before helping ride to Rivendell with an injured Frodo all while being chased by Ringwraiths. This statue of Arwen depicts her wearing this outfit while we assume she is out looking for Strider and the Hobbits.


The graphics on the box for Arwen follow the same path that most of the statues in this line have followed. You have the front and back panels, which are black/green with The Lord of the Rings and Arwen done in a black/green mix. While the sides of the box you get an image of the statue from two different angles. Inside the box of course you have the protective foam with multiple areas for the many pieces that this statue comes with.


Trevor Grove and Myrtle Groggins teamed up to help bring Arwen to life. As you know this isn’t the first statue in this line Mr. Grove has worked on while Mrs. Groggins makes her debut in this line. Mr. Grove was tasked with the sculpt on Arwen as per usual did a fantastic job of making sure this statue looked like Live Tyler. This sculpt is as good as others we’ve seen in this line and probably the best Arwen sculpt folks will get a chance to purchase. Also if you order the exclusive version of Arwen you get two of these sculpts one of which has her wearing the Evenstar Pendant. Her outfit, which is probably, the simplest of all the statues we’ve seen so far is nonetheless very well done. There is an elegance in the female elven outfits we saw during The Lord of the Rings that Mrs. Groggins was able to really capture. This is everything from what is supposed to be stitch work on the shoulders to awesome belt buckle.

Arwen has a distinct grace on screen when you see her character and that had to be the most challenging thing about this statue. That like the outfit was completely captured with this particular statue. There really is a beautiful flow to this piece that matches what was saw on screen and does have a very Elven feel to it. You also get her Elven sword, which is very nicely sculpted as is the rest of the statue


The paintwork on Arwen is another very nice addition to this truly awesome line of statues. The skin tone on this statue is another nice job by Sideshow and gives the proper representation to what we saw on screen. The one area fans will want to check when they get their statue is the eyes. There have been some variances and collectors will want to make sure they are getting something they want. The paint on the outfit truly does aide to the flow and beauty of this statue. It completely matches what we saw on screen during the sequence of The Fellowship of the Ring. The sword Arwen comes with some really amazing work on the blade. As you can see in the picture the paintwork to get the Elvish on the blade is really fantastic


Arwen costs $250 from Sideshow Collectibles for both the exclusive and regular versions of the statue. Both statues are currently in-stock with only 30 pieces of the exclusives left. Do not let a piece as well done as this one slip by so go to Sideshow’s site right now and purchase this statue! [Check out the entire Lord of the Rings Collection]


Arwen has an edition size of 500 pieces for the exclusive while the regular edition has an edition size of 1000 pieces worldwide.. The specifications for Gandalf are as follows: 13.5″ x 8″ x 11.5″ (H x W x D)