It’s Tinseltown’s biggest celebration – the Oscars take place tonight!  And already here at TORn we’re busy planning and getting excited for our party next year!  In honour of today’s awards ceremony, and thinking back to the ‘Return of the One Party’ which TORn held in 2004, here’s a picture of the Oscar Annie Lennox won that night, for Best Original Song, ‘Into the West’.

The statuette was on display last year at London’s Victoria and Albert museum, in their wondeful ‘The House of Annie Lennox’ exhibit.   Let’s hope there’s another Middle-earth winner tonight; Bret McKenzie is up for Best Original Song for ‘Man or Muppet’.  Go Bret!

Enjoy the Oscars tonight!


  1. GandalftheBlack

    Looking forward to next year, where Middle-Earth will sweep the Oscars once again!

  2. Enna

    Can’t wait for The Hobbit to take over the Oscars next year!

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