Twitter shows a pretty steady stream of people just discovering Peter Jackson‘s Production Diary #4, originating from his own Facebook page, feeling like they have just found gold. And maybe they have with a good discussion of 3D, a tour of the cameras and rigs being used to achieve the effect and a good collection of bits of The Hobbit films. We also continue to get spy reports letting us know the video was posted. We definitely appreciate every single spy report that comes in and is the lifeblood of, but yes, we did know about the video. There are also plenty of websites still announcing the 11-minute bonanza as if it has just arrived. These clues lead us to suspect that not everybody in the world reads every day for Hobbit news (yes, we were shocked too) and not everybody has friended Peter Jackson on Facebook (it just seems like it). Anyhow, there it is above, production diary #4. While we are at it, numbers one, two and three are also available after the break. Enjoy and remember: checking TORn daily is recommended by four out of five dentists or something.

That is the first, originally posted April 13.

The second arrived on July 8.

The third video was only a few days after the second one on July 20 before the latest arrived on November 3.