, with major sponsor The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, will arrive in Denver, Co tonight (8/31/11). After a day spent touring Gandalf around Moab, UT and driving through the rugged mountain scenery of Colorado our Fellowship of drivers are looking to rejuvenate with new friends in Denver. The festivities will begin at approximately 7pm at the Wynkoop Brewing Company after a full day of LIVE streaming madness and banter. The day on the road was spent with trivia contests, overcoming technical challenges to hook up the new on-the-road phone (970-210-6130) and learning from fellow fans that they really are watching the LIVE broadcast.  The nighttime drive will see us through Kansas and into Missouri and onward to Atlanta and DragonCon! As usual, you can follow the entire LIVE road trip at and contact us via barliman’s chat, and our phone! And don’t’ forget to support our sponsors: The Lord of the Rings: War in the NorthBadali Jewelry and Anglotopia!  [Roadtrip to DragonCon Sub Site] [Support the Trip – T-Shirts]