, with major sponsor The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, is leaving on the first ever live-streamed road trip across America tonight! Starting at approximately 10pm PT, our Fellowship of four will leave Los Angeles for the cozy comforts of DragonCon in Atlanta, GA. The 24/7 live video stream is provided by Stickam through a combination of LiveU mobile technologies, FMLE, Camtwist, along with Stickam iPhone and iPad apps. To follow their progress, we’ve set up a special sub site that allows you to communicate with the team in the truck, as well as track their progress live via GPS! If you want to say ‘Hi!’ just look for the Shadowfax Dodge with the TORn logo on the back! [Looks like this]  If that wasn’t exciting enough for you, joining them on this journey will be the Gandalf statue from the Gandalf World Tour (both US and Int’l Versions) – so expect to see Gandalf photos from some significant landmarks along the way. We also have a brand new T-Shirt premiering at DragonCon we think you will absolutely LOVE. Check out our T-Shirt offer and a unique opportunity to support our trip here. Our trip is corporately sponsored by The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, releasing November 1st in North America. Other sponsor’s include everybody’s favorite LOTR jeweler Badali Jewelry and “The Website for People Who Love Britain,” Anglotopia. We hope you’ll follow along as we trek across the country! [Roadtrip to DragonCon Sub Site] [Support the Trip – T-Shirts]