The hunt is on! With our lovely and talented former host Rebekah Platt moving on to the Mouse House at Disney, we are in need of a replacement host, and this is where YOU come in! Producers Daniel McNicoll and Michael Regina (hey, that’s me!) are on the hunt for the next host of ‘Hobbit in 5’, do you think you’ve got what it takes? We will be looking for qualified candidates and then have the fans, yes YOU again, vote on who will host the show! Because, trust me, you do NOT want to see Daniel and Michael at 720p in HD…it’s a frightening thought…

So, if you answer YES to the following questions, drop me a line at with the subject ‘I wanna host!’ to be entered!


– Live in the Charlotte/Atlanta area?
– Feel comfortable in front of the camera?
– Enjoy giving interviews?
– Possess a passion and knowledge of Tolkien and his works?
– Possess a passion and knowledge of Peter Jackson’s films?
– Love for fantasy/sci-fi in general?
– Feel you can volunteer your time to host?