Sylvester McCoy, Radagast the Brown in the two upcoming films based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, has been added as a guest to the annual celebration of popular culture known as DragonCon. Ralph Bakshi is also a guest and of course is also attending as it has for the last decade and we will make every effort to catch a chat with McCoy.
He is best known as the seventh Doctor Who but has worked extensively on the stage and in television. It is not yet known if he will appear as part of the Tolkien Track of programming (but he is more than welcome to take the stage during either of the two TORn panels on The Hobbit) but he will doubtless be asked a few Middle-earth questions even if he is involved with Doctor Who content.
Expect a lot more DragonCon content from TORn through the conclusion of the convention including the TORn road trip to DragonCon.
Here are some highlights:
* Full Tolkien Track schedule is available right here
* Ralph Bakshi talking about the animated LOTR
* Official announcement of the DragonCon road trip from L.A. to Atlanta
* Live coverage of the road to Atlanta, stops and times coming very soon
* A new DragonCon t-shirt
* A special event to be announced from Friday’s annual Night at Bree
Expect updates soon and frequently through the end of the convention
* Read a full Sylvester McCoy biography here and learn his given name