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Nostalgia abounds as we’re visited by an old friend from the old boards, delighting Oldbies, newbies and inbetweenbies alike. You can check out Gerontius’ poems here on Main and here on LOTR Movie.

Do you think there are similarities between Arwen and Tauriel?  Does Peter Jackson really have a standard look for his elven lovelies? What say you?

A bit of fun over on the Pollantir, where mcfalk is asking if we have a drivers license.  And tolkiennerd wants to know if you’re going to The Hobbit in costume.  Well, are you? Come and tell us 😉

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  1. neorion

    I think Tauriel looks like she could be Arwen’s mother.

    • Arwen’s mother is Celebrian – daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn (and therefore probably blonde), she sailed into the West long before Bilbo’s story happened

    • They look similiar but that is where it ends
      Arwen’s mother is Celebrian – daughter af Galadriel and Celeborn (and therefore probably blonde), who sailed into the West long before Bilbo’s story even happened

      • Anonymous

        I think Celebrían is a bit silver side – if you look at her name (Celeb = silver).

  2. Ungoliant

    Yes, there are similarities.  One of them is a godess and one of the loveliest creatures I have ever seen and  I’d shag the other one after a few beers and couple of whiskies.  So, I wouldn’t kick either one out of my bed, trhere ends the similarities.

  3. Prifaith

    I think Cate Blanchet is the answer to that question. I don’t think the Jacksons are shallow enough to choose an actor or actress based solely on their look.

  4. Jaidoprism7

    I think Jackson felt the elves should have a beauty to them, which is pretty accurate to Tolkien’s writings.  Evangiline Lilly is beautiful, no doubt, but I’m sure there are a lot of beautiful actresses out there to choose from.  For example a exotic beauty no one has seen before just might enhance the illusion of other-worldliness if there’s such a term.  Smells like there will be a big chunk of story heading our way that will have purists up in arms.  I don’t think I qualify as a purist but I’m worried when I see popular actors lining up for a film where relative unknowns would not only suffice but not remind us of a extremely popular T.V. series.  The point of Fantasy is to remove the audience from reality and transport them to another time and or place.

    • neorion

      I agree. I cannot think of Evangeline Lilly as an elf.

  5. fan of frodo

    Having just redone Lost over the past year, I’m a little biased. Wow … a terrific actress graces the Elven wood. Can’t wait.

  6. Rosie

    Liv Tyler was a great choice for Arwen.  I would have preferred Leonard Nimoy to voice Smaug but now they’re repeating the Sherlock Holmes trilogy on BBC with Benedict and I think he’ll do quite nicely.

  7. Mason-Theresa

    I suppose it doesn’t matter since neither Arwen or Eowen are hardly even mentioned in the books Tollkien wrote. It’s best to fabricate love affairs between main characters for the ‘chick flick’ crowd and ignore the fact the the author is most likely turning in his grave! Just sayin…

    • jadon

      Wait a minute! Yes, arwen was given an action role by giving her Glorfindels jobs from the book, but both the Aragorn/Arwen relationship and the Faramir/Èowyn relationship are in the book. Faramir and Èowyn get married and rule Ithilien together!!!!!! There is little to nothing added to Èowyn’s character in the film, she is a major character in the book!

  8. Jesusismyhero7

    I really like Liv as an actress , but I think that Lilly is good too . The two of them  both have  something about them that are like each other . So maybe PJ does have a criterea .

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