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Have you seen Peter Jackson’s 3rd Production Diary blog?  MTRougeau leads posters on The Hobbit Movie Board who have had a LOT to say about this one that’s full of teasers and information as Peter shares the first block of filming!  And to top it off, TORn regular RoseCotton transcribed the entire blog to share with us all.

Also on the Hobbit Movie Board, TORn regular entmaiden started a mad dash to A Dwarf Composite Photo from Peter Jackson posted on TORn’s homepage!  Wow!  Please come and share your thoughts on the amazing Dwarves lead by King Under the Mountain, Thorin Oakenshield.

On the Main Board, we’ve had great fun coming up with captions for a picture supplied by TORn member stormcrow20.  Our Caption Contest isn’t a competition with any awards, just one of TORn Message Board’s regular games we have great fun playing.  Can you come up with a caption?

We’ll share more topics next week and hope you can join in on the conversation! Don’t forget, TheOneRing.net’s message boards have over 6,800 registered Tolkien fans, just like yourself! Let your voice be heard.