Want to get a cool t-shirt and help fund TheOneRing.net’s trip to Comic-Con and DragonCon?  As you can imagine, it is quite expensive to send staff to these annual conventions, and this year, more so than others, we can’t fully depend on our staff paying their own way. (TheOneRing.net is a completely volunteer organization – no staffer is ever paid. We depend greatly on your support) In an effort to raise funds, we are selling our ‘Lake town Archery Club’ shirt as well as some other odd size shirts we found in the TORn attic remnant. Click on the ‘continue reading’ button below to view the shirt and size availability. And thank you in advance for your generous support of the site! Don’t want a shirt and just want to send a donation? We won’t argue with you! Our PayPal email is webmaster @ theonering.net.

Lake Town Archery Club – $15 

Designed by TORn artists and printed on Forest Green Hanes tagless 100% cotton shirt. These official TheOneRing.net shirts help support the site and  fan activities. We ship internationally.

Cost: $15
US Shipping: $3, $6 for two and up
Int’l Shipping: $15 



TORn Attic Remnant T-Shirts
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“LP3”  or the official Line Party 3 shirt

From 2003, we only have a one large shirt left in the seldom seem navy version.  It features yellow and white printing and lists many of the national Line Party event locations made by TORn readers for the release of “Return of the King,” for the first time ever in theaters.

Along with the “tour” destinations on the back it says, “One cannot simply walk into theaters, there are geeks there that do not sleep.” There are many tour cities but it starts: “Anchorage Antwerpen Ardmore Auckland Austin Avellaneda Bangkok” just to give you an idea.

We also have two in the crisp white version with navy and yellow print in 2XL only.

“Lousy” shirt

This legendary shirt, one only, sized “Large” in adult sizes has the TORn logo on front in yellow and white and the LOTR-nuanced  “AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT” saying in white on the back.

“The Pretty Elf-Man Dies”

In the popular green color, just smalls remain.  A good spirited poke in the ribs to movie-only fans about Legolas, this was popular with our reading crowd but also was unintentionally a favorite of Craig Parker and his fans.  School teachers wear these to conventions and owners thank us for them at every convention we attend.

FRONT: “If you haven’t read the books you should know . . .”

BACK: “The Pretty Elf-Man dies!”

We have about a dozen small reds are also available.

“Look if you must, but don’t touch my precious”

We discovered less than ten of these, all navy with the saying on the back in white and the TORn logo on the front in gold and white.  Under the TORn pocket logo it reads in white, “Forged by and for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien” and this text is very slightly double printed.  It is barely noticeable on the tiny text unless you look very closely, but maybe that is why they ended up in the TORn basement.

We also have two and only two of the rare “butter colored” variant of the same shirt.  The TORn logo on front is red and blue with blue text on the back.  The colors really look impressive so if you aren’t intimidated by a yellow tee, the last two of these gems in the world are sure to please.

Cost: $20
US Shipping: $5
Int’l Shipping: $10

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We thank you again for your generous support of TheOneRing.net!