With Peter Jackson’s release of the second production video from The Hobbit on Facebook, we found ourselves with a lot of new visuals from the upcoming films. Among the highlights are Hugo Weaving as Elrond, a peek at Legolas’s costuming, Goblin-town and more! We are taking a look at each picture individually and have offered our comments and suggestions.  Like you, we are purely speculating! Each pic has a number associated with it, and you can click on it for the super high res version. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions – just comment on this post, on Facebook and in our Forums! Reference the number when you comment, as we plan on updating this post with your thoughts as well. Oh yea, there be SPOILERS ahead!

1. Image 01 – Wrap of Filming

Shooting wraps on the first 54 days of filming. Peter Jackson with the first unit on the left, in what looks to be a set for Goblintown. Andy Serkis with the second unit on the right, also on a set that looks like Goblin-town.

Staffer MrCere – Wicked spikes and lot of skulls and bones, especially on Andy’s set.  Did they save any of those from the army of the dead skull avalanche?

2. Image 02 – Wrap of Filming

Just another look at the suspected Goblin-town sets. The set design implies evil – pointy objects, skulls, some kind of caged animal.

3. Image 03 – Andy on Goblin-town Set?

Larger view of the suspected Goblin-town set. Second unit directory Andy Serkis announcing the wrap of the first phase of filming.

Staffer MrCere – Do goblins keep pets or do they imprison other creatures besides Dwarves?

4. Image 04 – Peter at Bilbo’s Desk in Bag End

A wonderful shot of Peter Jackson at Bilbo’s desk in Bag End, Hobbiton. Check out the high res for all the little details!

5. Image 05 – Peter and Andy at Bilbo’s Desk in Bag End

Andy joins Peter in the Bag End set. Love the hair-do and beard Andy!

6. Image 06 – PJ and Andy are shown to be in a very small Bag End set

Notice the screen caps on the right? Sure looks to us like screen caps from The Fellowship of the Ring for reference.

7. Image 07- Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis in Gollum’s Cave

A great peek at the Gollum’s Cave set. Andy is sneaking towards Bilbo as they play Riddles in the Dark.

Staffer Garfeimao: Holy quacamole, it’s Riddles in the Dark, and Bilbo is wearing the reddish jacket we see in Rivendell, so now all that is left is to get a good look at the original costume in FOTR.

8. Image 08 – Andy Serkis as Gollum in Motion Capture

Andy Serkis playing Gollum on the Gollum Cave set. He completed most of his filming before taking over as Second Unit director.

9. Image 09 – Woodland Location

This appears to be some type of wooded scene. Based on the actor in the motion capture suit, this could be the stone roll sequence? The monitors seem to show a campground type layout.

Staffer MrCere – The barrel below the monitors catches my eye.  It is clearly part of a set but it is quite small. Speculatively, if this is a motion capture scene for a stone troll, it might contain small-scale things like that to make the trolls much larger in scale.

10-11. Images 10 & 11 – Woodland Scene Part 2

We see what looks to be bags/gear that would be carried by Dwarves here. This could be a sister shot to the one previous, or it could be the campground near the entrance to Goblin-town.

12. Image 12 – Hugo Weaving as Elrond and Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins in Rivendell

One of the most exciting shots from this video…here we see Hugo Weaving as Elrond and Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. Unless there are some significant changes to the story, this is in Rivendell.

Staffer MrCere – Rivendell was built as a set for the LOTR films in a NZ park but this is obviously on a closed, indoor set. Much of Rivendell may well have been shot on a set in LOTR as well, or the production may have changed its approach.

13. Image 13 – Bilbo and Elrond in Rivendell

A view from the back as Elrond and Bilbo take direction from PJ.

Staffer MrCere – Are we sure that isn’t Def Leppard’s drummer, Rick Allen?

14. Image 14 – Andy Serkis Motion Capture

A view behind the scenes as we see a close-up on Gollum aka Andy Serkis

Staffer MrCere – It isn’t surprising but the motion capture looks a little more updated.  Weta’s 10-years of experience, including Avatar couldn’t hurt anything.  And, no big deal for actors maybe, but having that camera that close would make it hard not to be self conscious. Fearless.

15. Image 15 – More Goblin-town?

Peter Jackson wearing the ‘200 Days to Go’ shirt (soon to be an Ebay hot item!) on the set of Goblin-town?

Staffer MrCere – More skulls on the stairs make me think of goblins as well but could it perhaps be a spiders’ lair or where trolls keep treasure and discard eaten meals?

16. Image 16 – More filming in Goblin-town?

Possibly more of Goblin-town

17. Image 17 – And once more…Goblin-town?

The crew anxiously awaiting wrap on the first phase of filming. Probably another Goblin-town set.

18. Image 18 – Ann Maskrey with Legolas Costume Sketches and more…

In the background we can see a few new costume designs for Orlando Bloom as Legolas, as well as various buttons, decorations, buckles, etc. Most of them look dwarvish.

TORN Staffer Deej: The 2 sketches on the top look to be costumes we’d see in Mirkwood – very formal and regal.  The bottom 2 are more casual ;  possible battle attire in the Battle of the Five Armies?

19. Image 19 – Tami Lane with Orc/Goblin in Background

Check out the image posted on the mirror. Looks like a fighting Uruk-hai, but could possibly be photo reference for the ‘new’ Goblins? Or are they Orcs? Come to think of it…will we get ‘Orc-town’ now? Hrm….

Staffer Garfeimao: I know the two bottom pics are Legolas, but I’m not entirely sure the two top ones are. I’m more inclined to think they may be options for Thranduil, but then, anything is possible there. I love the buttons and buckles including the things that look like claws and teeth, totally cool.

20. Image 20 – Peter King with Dwarven Beards

Peter King with various Dwarven beards and prosthetics in the background.

Staffer Garfeimao: The picture over Tami’s right shoulder, is that a Goblin? He looks like he’s in pain whatever he is.

21. Image 21 – PJ Reviewing Footage

While its rather blurry, the scene on the monitor seems to be a camp/woodland type scene. Possibly the final footage from the scenes we saw earlier.

22. Image 22 – Bilbo walking around…

We can definitely see Martin Freeman as Bilbo on the screen, but are unsure of the character that appears on the ‘bridge’ type element in the background. Maybe he is sneaking around Goblin-town? Or Mirkwood? Or possibly Lake-town? Your guess is as good as ours!

23. Image 23 – The All-Stars

We’ve got a lot of folks in this shot including Alan Lee (left) and John Howe (right). We see a lot of concept sketches on the walls and table. You’ll also notice the set mock-ups in the foreground are similar to what we saw in the footage above. What do you think we see? Is that the Lonely Mountain above Dan Hennah’s head?

Ringer Diane: The labels on the walls above the sketches read “City of Dale” on our left and “Five Armies” on our right.

Ringer Kyriel: When I noticed the large paper on the center of the table, I realized it was an Alan Lee sketch and decided to take a closer look. I’ve rotated and cropped the screen grab down to the sketch, then stretched it out to make it look “flatter,” and finally sharpened the contrast, here. Do you see what I see? The architecture looks Elvish, but not like Rivendell; and that could be Thranduil standing on the left with Thorin kneeling on the right, guarded by two other Elves. What do you all think?

Staffer MrCere: In front of Alan Lee is a model of styrofoam with what looks like dead trees and some wicked spikes and a character action figure on the left standing with his back to the camera looking right. Perhaps we also see the back of a ruin, also made of styrofoam. I think the drawing on the table looks like a structure of some kind.  Home of the Woodland Elves perhaps?

24. Image 24 – Richard Taylor shows some Cool Stuff!

There is a lot to take in with this picture as well. Along the backwall we see a Goblin head? Near Richard Taylor’s right shoulder it looks like a headless Troll maquette?

Staffer MrCere: The left side of this picture is intentionally blurred. On the shelf around the top of the room I see a wolf.  These could be office leftovers of collectible decorations or it could signal that the wargs will be more natural looking than the beasts in LOTR.

Behind the guy in the black shirt’s arm I think we have a portrait of David Wenham, but that is crazy isn’t it? Couldn’t be. Below that we have a goblin head with really big ears.

Behind Richard’s hand I definitely see an orc / goblin head, but maybe more than one.


We hope you enjoyed this look at the images from PJ’s production video. If you have comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave them in our comments or on Facebook or in our forums! We’ll be updating this post pretty often with your thoughts as they come in.