There it is, right near the top of the newly released Comic-Con Thursday programming schedule: “10:00-11:00 Hobbit Talk”.

That means Comic-Con is having TORn back to talk Hobbit with fans and media at one of the biggest and best popular culture celebrations in the world. Our own staffers Quickbeam and MrCere will take the stage to deliver multimedia images and words, rumors and truths and maybe even deliver a secret or two. Garfeimao and other TORn staff will be distributing some select items to the always supportive fans. Other staffers, like the mysterious Calisuri collaborate on the presentation to make it as full of information and fun as possible. Our team will also be reporting on everything Middle-earth related that we can dig up at the event that starts with preview night on July 20 and runs through the weekend.

As always is not-for-profit (nobody gets paid) and in fact, the site supports literacy charities, so look very soon for a t-shirt remnant sale to help cover our expenses for this big show.

The Thursday start time means, from past experience, that as soon as convention doors open, attendees will find the way to room 7AB in the upstairs of the conventional hall to line up for the always capacity crowds that leave many standing in the hall waiting to get in.

Cali at Comic Con 2009We are making every effort to show TORn readers the presentation via video after (or during) the panel on Thursday so we can share the fun world wide. Stay tuned to TORn for details.

Comic-Con is held annually at the San Diego Convention Center and the increased presence of Hollywood at the genre-themed show has grown the convention in size and influence so that it is now heavily reported on by mainstream media such as USA Today, NY Times, including this story about TORn. The event sells out far in advance now and demand for tickets cannot keep up with supply.

With 2012 featuring several big movies, including one based on a certain book by J.R.R. Tolkien, we strongly suspect next year’s show will be full of Hobbit content from the studio (and hopefully TORn) that fans will not want to miss. We suggest watching the official Comic-Con registration page and buying your tickets early (ASAP.)

Friends of TORn including Sideshow Collectibles, Weta and Badali Jewelry all have a presence on the exhibitor floor.