Peter Jackson has posted a new note on his Facebook page today that confirms the casting of Luke Evans as Bard, as well as Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of Smaug. He has also announced two new cast members. Barry Humphries will be portraying a completely CGI Goblin King…and…wait for it…the biggest news is LOST star Evangeline Lilly will be Tauriel. PJ describes Tauriel as a Woodland Elf, ‘Her name means ‘daughter of Mirkwood’ and, beyond that, we must leave you guessing! (No, there is no romantic connection to Legolas.)‘ So there you have it, some huge news from PJ today. Jump on over to his Facebook account to read the full note. [Read on] What do you think? Share your thoughts in our forum and on facebook!


  1. Roselyn

    So weird! The LotR OC I made years ago was named Táriel. XD

  2. *Fangasm*

  3. So help me, if she appears as some female warrior elf that did NOT appear in the books then I may be done with this.  No, I do NOT trust PJ’s “vision” – that’s far too easy for him to fall back on.  I’m sick of the “could have beens” that are popping up.  They WEREN’T.  It’s not worth every ridiculous change in the story line just to get the movies made.  Legolas was NOT at the Battle of 5 Armies because if he had been he would have mentioned it in LOTR when he was at Rivendell and Bilbo was there as well. Seriously, do you think JRRT would have left that out????  It’s already getting to be absurd and catering to a market that doesn’t, and won’t, read the books. 

  4. Imdamom55

    I’ve been onboard with many of PJ’s changes, but this one smacks of pandering to the audience.  PJ- Seriously?????

  5. As if we needed another reason to see The Hobbit. . .but you gave it to us anyway! 

  6. David

    I hope this doesn’t turn into an expanded roll as Arwen did.

    • 1234567

      Yeah she was annoying as hell x_x

  7. Mrright

    Well, as long as he doesn’t do something stupid like insert a new ‘Tauriel’ storyline where she rescues Bilbo and the dwarves from the spiders. . .

  8. Willowing

    Yes she will be the daughter of Thranduil, a sister for Legolas.

  9. Xenarwen

    I’m hoping she’ll be itaril’s love interest

  10. I’ve been a LOST fan since the beginning so this is pretty sweet 🙂 haha

  11. ringbare

    dame Edna to appear in the Hobbit (Humphries) – it just doesnt sound right does it …..

  12. I’m so sick and tired of all the vitriol that’s being spewed at Evangeline Lilly’s role already. It isn’t even known what part she will play, other than a Mirkwood Elf who is not romantically involved with Legolas, and even if — if — she was cast to play a warrior or marchwarden like Haldir in LotR, what would be so terrible about it? That she’s female? Assuming Tauriel were Taurion and played by, say, Ian Somerhalder (to have another LOST actor for comparison), would anyone even bother raising a fuss?

    The novel is a male adventure story with no female characters whatsoever apart from (I think) the trush at the Lonely Mountain, I know. And then we also only have one single male Mirkwood Elf who’s actually in possession of a name in that book, and that’s Galion the butler, one of the few Mirkwood Elves who briefly get the spotlight at all. You can’t run a kingdom on that, so bring on the female extras and for goodness’ sake let them have more diverse roles than just a princess or love interest or damsel in distress. Watch a Disney movie if that’s what you are looking for.

    In conclusion, I’m looking forward to Tauriel. Why not wait and see?

  13. GilraenTelemnar

    New characters are okay… I guess. As long as she will not do anything that is not really elven. 
     Mrright and David are right. she shouldn’t have an expanded roll, nor should she have a personal storyline. 
    But even extras have to have a name. Who knows, perhaps she’ll be the next Figwit? 

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