Since production of The Hobbit began ramping up we have been getting emails from curious fashionistas about costume designer Ngila Dickson, will she be continuing stunning her work on The Hobbit? Our answer has always been ‘we’ll let you know as soon as we know!’. Well the answer now comes in the form of a ‘Reel Late with Kate’ interview. Moa hunter brings us the news: “Reel Late with Kate [TV3-NZ] last night included an interview with Ngila Dickson. At the end of the programme the presenter (Kate Rodger) said that Ngila Dickson would not be working on The Hobbit because of existing contractual obligations.”

Sad news indeed! So, who do you think should get the gig? Post on our Message Boards!


  1. Someanna

    She did such wonderful devoted job on Lotr. I hope they’ll find someone as good.

  2. Istvan

    “existing contractual obligations” can be solved. It’s always a question of money and : Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

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