For all those who’ve been concerned about the fact that there hasn’t been any casting news about returning cast members yet, here’s something that should ease the mind a bit.

Sky News caught up with Andy Serkis and chatted him up about all things “Hobbit“, and here’s what the man has to say about filming in New Zealand and reprising his role as Gollum.

“I’m sure The Hobbit will be in New Zealand at the end of the day. These are stories that have to be told, films that have to be watched. People are dying for them to come out. It has had a strange ride. I think the worse of it is over and it’s all going to come together soon.”

“I haven’t signed up. Of course I will be there. I will be there to support Peter Jackson in his endeavour again to pull off what will be an amazing magical feat of cinema, wherever that will be.”

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