LA Weekly columnist Nikki Finke seems to have some new information that even the Eagles, ahem, the rest of the inerweb hasn’t caught wind of yet. Reporting over at on Peter Jackson’s plans for the new King Kong 360 3D attraction at the Universal Studios Hollywood studio tour, she digresses to update fans on a few things “Hobbit”, all of which seem to indicate that serious matters are ongoing even as we wait and watch and speculate.
On The Hobbit front, I’m told that both scripts are in, that discussions are underway right now to determine if they’ll shoot in 3D. (I think it’s inevitable). They will set everything in place in a New Zealand powwow next month, and then casting will begin for a November start.
There seems to be no indication that the uncertainty surrounding MGM’s situation is impeding the progress on these films in any way (yet), but as reported recently by the Wall Street Journal and by our friend and messageboard member Kristin Thompson over at her blog The Frodo Franchise, MGM’s creditors do indeed seem to be close to a plan to resolve the studio’s financial woes.