Linuxelf is building something of an online video archive of New Zealand news segments involving LOTR. Linuxelf writes “I dont think any of this stuff has been seen outside NZ so I thought it would be good to post them so other people can see them”. Take a look at these! Ngila Dickson & Richard Taylor Interviews, plus a segment about Hobbiton Tours.

Karl Urban Interview

Ngila Dickson Interview

A Interview with lotr costume designer Ngila Dickson, talks about
various films she has created costumes for inc lotr.
Year. 2002-2003

Hobbiton Tours

This highlights the early makings of what became part of the tour to Matamata ‘Hobbiton’. Shows some real footage of the location in Matamata where Hobbiton was filmed and what was later portrayed in the lotr trilogy and what its now becoming Hobbiton again!
Year. 2002-2003

Richard Taylor Interview: An Interview with Richard Taylor, which is at times personal as well as interesting as he a talks about his work at WETA workshop over the years. Plus he reveals his favourite lotr character!
Year. 2004