The riddle contest was a hit! We received tons of emails, and most of you were correct, the answer was of course Billy Boyd (see the interview here).

The answer key is this: Take 2-1-23-4-9-12-25 13-15-9-12 and replace the numbers with letters. This leaves you with BAWDILY MOIL which is an anagram of William Boyd AKA Billy Boyd.

Those of you with the correct answer will now be put into a random draw to win ‘The Return of the King: The Complete Recordings’ CD box set. Check this space for the winners name soon!

BROOKLYN HEIGHTS — Music of Middle-earth will soon be brought to life by 300 musicians, singers and choruses in an October concert at Radio City Music Hall. In preparation for the concert, Howard Shore, an Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe winner, rehearsed his The Lord of the Rings score with the Grammy Award-winning Brooklyn Youth Chorus (BYC) at their studios in Brooklyn Heights last week. BYC’s members are between the ages of 10 and 15. More..

There’s a fair bit of news over at the Noldor Blog, including booksignings at the Weta Cave by Alan Lee and Ian Brodie as well as a new kids’ book with Richard Taylor and possibly Dr Grordbort himself, Greg Broadmore. There’s news about the Capitol Court Cinema co-owned by PJ, Richard Taylor and PJ’s editor Jamie Selkirk. Apparently it’s being fixed up -hope their sense of fantasy runs wild with it! (Read More) The Chocolate Fish cafe beloved by LOTR cast and crew is opening in a new beachside location not far from the original. And finally Jack asks who’ll join him in celebrating the 10th anniversary of first day of LOTR filming?

The LA Area Baggins Birthday Bash is today, here are some last minute directions and resources for those making a last minute decision to join in the fun. Sarumann and Quickbeam have staked out territory near where we were last year, but not quite as far back into the hills. If you come up the Old Zoo parking area, like last year, they are close to the road, so you should see the tent for the food from there. If there is no parking on the Old Zoo parking areas, go back to the road for the Carousel, and up into their parking area, keep following the hills around and you will come out just about the picnic area we are in this year. Should give plenty of options for parking. You can get a map of Griffith Park here. we are also on Facebook, which has more info about things people are bringing, step by step directions, etc.

The ArgonathWeta’s return to Middle-earth and specifically to polystone collectibles from The Lord Of The Rings is celebrated with a truly iconic piece. It continues on from previous environments that have been popular with collectors the world over. The big difference this time is that the edition size is a mere 500. They will not last long, so get your pre-order in now. The Argonath will be shipped world wide!

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