Puppets08042009From Micah: “Who hasn’t heard of the superb trilogy of “The Lord of the Rings”? And now, THÉÂTRE SANS FIL has brought to life the story where it all began – “The Hobbit” – the wonderful journey of Bilbo Baggins to a new level of wisdom. This award-winning Tolkien fantasy will have a new, larger-than-life look with THÉÂTRE SANS FIL’s highly successful adaptation that has received standing ovations throughout the world.

The company’s name means “theater without strings,” a reference to the Bunraku tradition of puppetry in which large puppets are directly manipulated by camouflaged performers, rather than by the pulling of marionette strings. Theatre Sans Fils has updated the subtly expressive artistry of Bunraku with the wizardry of contemporary technical theater, including black lights, lasers and Dolby-Stereo quadraphony.

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