con2008-header_logoSAN DIEGO – Major media outlets from the L.A. Times to USA Today and Entertainment Weekly have converged on the San Diego Convention Center to explain the phenomenon of 150,000 popular culture enthusiasts spending a week together catching the flavor of what it means to be “geek”.

The representatives of are here, often on non-TORn work assignments, meeting and greeting and making new friends and old.

With the giant sucess of films like “Iron Man,” and “The Dark Knight,” the forthcoming March release of “The Watchmen” is getting a lot of attention both from the media and from fans. As much as already-released films are cool, everybody here is looking to the next cool, and promoters also put their attention into pushing the next money-making venture.

A quick check of the calendar tells me that Comic-Con 2009 may well have an enormous amount of Hobbit attention. With a late 2010 release for the first of two films directed by geek favorite Guillermo del Toro and produced by geek deity Peter Jackson, the next two years at Comic-Con will see massive attention given to the product of J.R.R. Tolkien’s imagination.

Why do I mention this? will have a table next year (although we are being represented this year by “Slave Boy Films” so Horray!) and the studios (Warner Bros and the remnant of New Line) will be pushing for the next great film franchise. So, people of the ring, make your plans now!

Later today I will have a sit-down with John Howe and Richard Taylor to talk about the Hobbit films and other projects including “Reclaiming The Blade,” a film involving both artist. And of course TORn will bring you all the details.

The Weta team is in from New Zealand and they brought with them new “Halo” figures all in silver which are spectacular and they are selling their new lines of imaginative sci-fi guns, both of which have been widely appreciated and when available, a hot-selling item as well. Tim Launder is heading the Kiwis on the floor which is part of the Dark Horse

Stay tuned for all the details and budget for 2009 and 2010 when the Hobbit rules San Diego.