Guillermo del ToroGuillermo Del Toro has taken a break from his super busy schedule promoting ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army‘ (in Theaters July 11th) to post on forum with a message of patience on Hobbit News:

With rare exceptions, expect a lot of “no news” news to pop up everywhere “about the Hobbit”.

Some may try and be controversial with headings, some may try to spin old news into looking a little more recent. Some may even create a “scoop” feeling. But the bottom line is simple: There are no more news to report.

That said, being on the HBII junket tour, many a question will have to do with “The Hobbit” and the answer that will be given will be pallid variations on themes already familiar to TORN readers.

Please be patient. In just a few weeks, progress will actually occur and we will have some tidbits to gear up-

Yours Truly


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