Howard ShoreRinger Chris sends along this intriguing spy report that seems to confirm that Howard Shore will be scoring ‘The Hobbit’ films:

Hi there! I was at the world premiere of the Fellowship of the Ring performed live to the film concert in Lucerne/Switzerland last night, at which Howard Shore was present. Before the concert there was a brief talk with him, during which he mentioned that “WE are going to start on the screenplay soon,” when asked about The Hobbit. Imagine my Ringer heart taking a leap of joy. At the signing taking place after the concert, I did ask, just be sure, if I had heard correctly, and Howard confirmed that yes, he will be scoring The Hobbit. He’s hopeful that New Line will work something out with the Tolkien Estate’s because, “It’s too important a project.” Let’s hope he’s right! I should not neglect to mention that the concert was amazing and conductor Ludwig Wicki, the 21st Century Orchestra and Choir, the Luzerner Saengerknaben choir and the soloists got a standing ovation for at least 5 minutes. I can’t wait for March 2009, when The Two Towers concert is tentatively scheduled.

Additional reports are coming in from the event with the same information, you can read more in the forums. [Forum]