Magpie writes: Doug Adams, author of the CR liner notes, annotated score and upcoming book on the LOTR soundtrack, has devoted his latest podcast at Film Score Monthly to the Complete Recordings of the ROTK. In the 15 minute podcast he answers questions posed by fans about the CR-ROTK including; how film edits affected the music, what scene Arwen’s Song was intended for, a question arising from his talk at ORC re: a new Ring Theme and the difference in sound for ROTK’s score (than in the first two movies) .

The podcast has music from the CR-ROTK playing in the background or illuminating a question or answer. He also provides a sneak peak of of the rarities material: an alternate musical cue for the Argonath in FOTR.

The podcast is located here with the title: ‘FSMROTKQ&A’ which stands for: Film Score Monthly Return of the King Question and Answer.