Annotated ROTK Score Online Now! Magpie writes: The annotated score for the Complete Recordings of the ROTK is now available online! These annotated scores are free pdfs, they contain descriptions of the music on a track by track basis. Even if you don’t yet have the Complete Recordings, you can sometimes make some assumptions of what movie music is being discussed and glean some interesting information.

They also include:

The full text of source songs, poems, etc. They do not discuss how the text is used within any particular cue. Otherwise, you can’t ‘sign along’ with most of these entries.
Performers – vocal and instrumentalist

Instruments used, organized by culture/character

The content was written by Doug Adams who also wrote the liner notes for the Complete Recordings and is working on a book about the LOTR soundtrack due to be released in 2008.

Visit the Official Score site now!
Or click here to download the PDF files!

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