RingCon 2007Ringer Elentariel sends along this report (complete with pictures!) from RingCon 2007:

I just returned from another wonderful trip to Germany, where I had a chance to attend RingCon 2007. Among thousands of LOTR fans in incredible costumes, there were numerous LOTR stars, and tons of entertainment.

The LOTR guest stars included: Andy Serkis (Gollum), John Noble (Denethor), Thomas Robins (Deagol), Mark Ferguson (Gil Galad), Jed Brophy (orc), Lori Dungey (Mrs. Bracegirdle), Jonathan Harding (Erestor & Dinendal), Kiran Shah (hobbit stuntdouble), and Daniel Falconer (Weta workshops).

Also featured were two actors from “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”,Clive Ashburn and Isaac C. Singleton Jr.Some of the programming included panels from the Tolkien society, medieval rock bands, a Middle-Earth market, a charity auction, an art exhibition, a dance workshop, a choir workshop, a tengwar workshop, and sword fighting, and bow shooting workshops.

Lots of entertainment and chances to mingle with the stars, made for another incredible weekend! Truly, one of the best LOTR conventions in the world, and worth checking out!

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