All the other Movie Chats we’ve done before were just rehearsals for this one, the big one, the one you never thought we’d have the stamina to try: Yes, the LOTR EE TRILOGY MARATHON!

That’s right, we will be chatting our way through 11 hours of non-stop Tolkien action. (Don’t worry, we’ll take breaks!)

Join us in TORn’s chat room on Saturday, December 2 at 11 a.m. EST and see if you have what it takes to chat through Peter Jackson’s three-film masterpiece, “The Lord of the Rings.” (See below for the approximate scheduled time of each film)

P.S. Make sure you have plenty of water, snacks and sustenance on hand! You’ll need the energy!


When: Saturday, December 2

Where: On TORn’s IRC server, in the #moviechat channel. After joining the server, type /join #moviechat to get there.

If you’ve never been to TORn’s IRC server before, you can join through our java applet and type /join #moviechat once you’re signed in. We recommend you visit our FAQ for some guidelines on using our IRC service. Barliman’s is a place for good conversation about JRR Tolkien’s works. We welcome you to our community and ask that you, and all guests, abide by some simple guidelines.

1) Have your DVDs readily available, with the first disc of FOTR in your player and set to the main menu.
2) Sign on to the IRC server, it’s easy! (see directions above)
3) It’s best to arrive early, but if you’re late, don’t worry — we periodically announce the time-marker that everyone should be near. Plus, we take breaks midway and at the end of each film.
4) Once everyone is ready, the Op (those people with the @ in front of their name) will start a count-down. When they type “play,” we all press PLAY, and we’re off! Pretty simple, eh?

Why: Because it will be fun! And exhausting! But fun!

(All times are approximate. We hope to stay on schedule!)

Below are the run-times for each film, our projected starting time, and links to how you can determine the time in your own time zone. The title of each film is linked to a “pause schedule” that we hope to stick to. Pauses last little more than 30 seconds, and serve as pick-up points for people experiencing DVD burps. We will take a 20-30 minute break between each film.

The Fellowship of the Ring
Total run time: 208 minutes
Start time 11 a.m. EST [When is that in my time zone?]

The Two Towers
Total run time: 223 minutes
Start time 3 p.m. EST [When is that in my time zone?]

The Return of the King
Total run time: 251 minutes
Start time 7 p.m. EST [When is that in my time zone?]

Any questions? Please e-mail maegwen @ the one ring .net

We hope to see you there!