TORN Staffer MrCere writes: DragonCon in Atlanta starts this weekend and as it has been for several years now, will be in the house! I will be at a fan table in the basement of the Marriott where we will be selling our new, but as yet unrevealed t-shirts. (Hint: it has a reference to elves from another currently popular fictional universe).

But besides supporting the not-for-profit TORn, every Lord of the Rings fan should come by the table and pick up a gift card from Sideshow Collectibles while supplies last. Each person attending the show can claim a card until my supply runs out and each card is worth between $10 and $100 on Sideshow’s in-stock supply. This includes several very cool Lord of the Ring items.

Each person wanting a prize will roll two dice and generate a number between 1 and 100. (2d10 for geeks like me). Every number is a winner but each day we will feature a “GRAND PRIZE” item from Sideshow that will astound and amaze your friends and neighbors if you win. Better still, Sideshow will ship the item directly to you at home so there will be no need to carry it away from Atlanta or lug it around the convention. We will also give away some TORn shirts and some grand but non-“GRAND PRIZE” LOTR items from at the table each day for those lucky enough to roll specific numbers.

The Tolkien schedule is here and we are honored to have Friday’s annual “Evening at Bree” dedicated to our friend and staffer, the late Balin. See you at the show!