Lightsteward writes: I’ve recently taken over maintaining the NYC Line Party list for Lightwards, who was our Line Party organizer over the years here in NYC. I was hoping you could list this news item on the site a.s.a.p.. The historic Ziegfeld in NYC is showing the LotR Trilogy as part of their Hollywood Classics series this coming week. The Ziegfeld is the largest and most magnificent single screen venue left in NYC and is the location of most major film premieres in NYC. This is the first time that the LotR films will play there, as none of them ran there. Previously only the first two films had premieres there. So this is a real first for fans of the films who want to see the movies under prime conditions.

Many of us from the NY Line Party will be reuniting for our Second Annual Trilogy Day as a part of this run on Saturday 2/25. We have also arranged a group discount with the theater, lowering the ticket price from $7.50 per film, to $4.50 per film. People just need to print out and present this flyer at the box office.

The discount is also good for the entire week, so anyone who cannot make it on Saturday, or wants to go more than once can take advantage of the break. So, please help us get the word out a.s.a.p.. I’m sure there may be some people out there outside NYC who’d even want to come in for the day.