“RINGERS: Lord of the Fans” will play its final time at the Slamdance Film Festival Thursday at 9 p.m.. This will be the final time for Utah audiences to demonstrate to movie studios that fans want to see this film in wide release.

The Utah fans (and Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada among others) bear the responsibility of seeing this film Thursday so that Ringers all over the world will have the same chance.

Festivals like Slamdance, which runs concurrently with the more famous Sundance Film Festival, is a showcase for independent films where studios can gather and purchase select films and give them distribution so they can be seen by a wider audience.

Last year documentaries like “Super Size Me” and Metallica’s “Some Kind of Monster” played in Park City and Salt Lake City before finding a wider theatrical audience and both are now available on DVD. Studio cheifs and members of the media will be attending Thursday’s showing.

Through TheOneRing.net’s own Line Party database, a costume contest and line party is being planned for Thursday’s events. Many fans will be awarded RINGERS and TheOneRing.net t-shirts, hats and books. Tickets can be purchased before the 9 p.m. start time. For ticket details call 801-548-116. Do NOT call this number to express suport for the film as the box office workers have no influence about the distribution of the film and are busy with a job to do.

RINGERS: Lord of the Fans documents 50 years of fandom of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. The Murray Theater, located just a few miles from downtown Salt Lake City (4945 So. State Street), changed its marquee Tuesday to reflect the high interest in the RINGERS film. The theater also hosts a number of other Slamdance selections and seats over 400 viewers in comfort.