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TORn Published on Google Currents

If you are a user of Google Currents on a smartphone or tablet, you can now subscribe to TORn by clicking here.


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UPDATED: Worldbuilders 2012

Are you looking for a way to help end poverty and hunger worldwide?  Do you love books?  Do you love modern fantasy authors in addition to Tolkien?  If you said yes to these questions, you should check out Worldbuilders.  The short of it is that Worldbuilders is a team contributing to Heifer International, but by donating to Heifer through their team page, you get the opportunity to have your contribution matched and to win some incredibly cool items from some of the best authors and artists producing work today.  Included in Worldbuilders sponsors are TORn regulars like Badali Jewelry and Donato Giancola.  If you are feeling charitable this holiday season, you should check out Worldbuilders.  You can read the full press release after the cut.  (more…)

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Hobbits’ Birthday Party on Sept 20 in the Twin Cities

The Rivendell Group and Minnesota Tolkien Society are hosting a Birthday Party and Tolkien discussion in honor of our favorite hobbits’ birthdays this Saturday at an undisclosed location in the Twin Cities. If you want to have a great conversation about the best topics you can find out more information here.

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Tolkien Reading Challenge

If you were looking for an excuse or motivation to read the bulk of Tolkien’s books about Middle Earth, this could be your chance.  A group is planning on reading 22 of Tolkien’s works and blogging about the adventure over at The Tolkien Reading Quest.  If you are interested in joining them, check out the blog.

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Viggo heading to NZ? scored an interview with Viggo while he was at the Toronto Film Festival. One of our message board regulars, Elven transcribed the relevant parts of the interview where Viggo says he would want to reprize Aragorn and that he is going to be in NZ in the coming months. [Interview] [Transcription]

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Matthew Dickerson presents “Beyond Romanticism” at Marquette University Oct 23

“Beyond Romanticism: J. R. R. Tolkien’s Practical Agrarian Romance”

Professor Dickerson will explore one element of Tolkien’s comprehensive ecological vision expressed in his Middle-earth legendarium: the agrarianism of the Shire, and its contrast in the industrialized agriculture of Sauron and Saruman. While Tolkien’s works might be dismissed as mere romanticism–idyllic fantasy with no implications to our world–the talk will defend a claim that the underlying ecology in these works is fundamentally practical (at many levels). Thursday, October 23, 2008 4-5:30 p.m in the Prucha Archives Reading Room, John P. Raynor, S.J., Library (3rd floor).

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Lend a Hobbit Hand

The Salem, WI Community Library is putting on a program called Frodo Fest from September 19-20, and in preparation for that is asking for volunteers to help create pennants, murals, and more to serve as a backdrop to Frodo Fest.  The Shire Shop will be running on Fridays from June 13 – September 12 (no shop on 6/27 or 7/4).  For more information of the Shire Shop or Frodo Fest contact Liza Gilbert at (262) 843-3348 or Read More

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Tolkien Estate Sues New Line

J.R.R. TolkienNew Line Cinema is being sued once again over royalties relating to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This suit also has the possibility of derailing any Hobbit movies currently in the works.

The plaintiffs seek more than $150 million in compensatory damages, unspecified punitive damages and a court order giving the Tolkien estate the right to terminate any rights New Line may have to make films based on other works by the author, including “The Hobbit”

Uh oh! Not good for Tolkien fandom. Read the full story through the following link and talk about it with other fans in our forum! [ Tolkien Estate Sues New Line Cinema]

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Rare Copies of Hobbit on Auction

Bonhams Auction House in London has a signed first edition copy of the Hobbit going up for auction. It is estimated that the auction could reach close to $60,000. Also going on the block is a 1947 Swedish Edition (the first foreign language edition of the Hobbit).

Signed first edition Hobbit goes on the block

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Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II: Sketch Cards

The talented Colleen Doran wrote to let us know that she posted to her blog about her newest sketch cards. In this series, Colleen did sketches of Sandro Kopp, Sean Bean, Karl Urban, and Elijah Wood. And I must say, I am a bit jealous of Sandro.

Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II: Sketch Cards

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Tintin in the World, by On the Media

On the Media has a segment today on Tintin, offering a great primer on Georges Remi and his work with Tintin. The joint venture of between Spielburg and Jackson to make a series of movies about the comic.

Tintin in the World

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What does a “Hobbit sequel” mean? Bridge movie?

When the staff here at first heard the rumors that the Hobbit film deal would most likely be for two movies, it fueled a lot of speculation. Most of the speculation centers on the idea that the second movie will be a bridge between The Hobbit and Fellowship of the Ring.


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