Humans, Hobbits, Elves and Dwarves welcome, ORCs need not apply. and Creation Entertainment are proud to announce a Blood Drive on Sunday, January 16 at our event, The One Ring Celebration. This event is in response to the American Red Cross’s emergency plea for blood donations in the Southern California area. We will also be taking monetary donations for Disaster Relief during the convention, which will then be presented to the American Red Cross at the end of the convention. Monetary donations will be collected at the Tolkien Forever booth in the exhibitors room.

Go to the following URL to make a donation appointment. If you have donated and signed up online before, simply login using oneringcelebration as the Sponsor code.

If you have not used the online registration before, select First Time User and create a profile. From there you can go back to the login page and select Oneringcelebration as the sponsor code to get to Our Sign up page.

Once logged in and on the Donor sign up site for the One Ring Celebration blood drive, simply look at the schedule of available appointment times and select one for yourself. It’s that simple. It would make me very proud of my fellow LOTR fans to see that appointment schedule filled up before the event.

The Blood Drive will be held in the Sheraton behind the Pasadena Center. This will allow people not attending the convention on Sunday to donate just as it will anyone who is attending. Just head over to the Sheraton and look for Justine’s room, which is the Ballroom, on the lobby level. The blood drive will operate between 10am and 4:15pm on Sunday, January 16, 2005. This came up rather suddenly, so while I can say we will have a few giveaways, I can’t say yet exactly what they will be. Show up and find out.

Go to and select “Being a Donor” to get questions answered about the donation process. Please DO NOT ask Creation or TORn staff about donation questions, other than simply how to find the location or help changing a scheduled appointment. You will find tips for a good donation experience, a donation FAQ, Donor Eligibility rules, and more. If you do have any questions that can not be answered by the Red Cross directly, feel free to email with those questions.