will offer four new shirt styles for the fall, three of which will be available to buy at Dragon Con in Atlanta September 3 – 6.

We don’t want to give away everything at once but the three shirts available at the fantasy convention (with its own heavy-duty Tolkien tract of programming) will have new sayings and will be in colors slightly different from what TORn has offered previously.

One has a “pretty Elf-man” joke on the back for people who have never read Tolkien’s books while another returns to TORn’s name sake and has a reference about a ring, or at least something precious.

The final shirt, which features a full seven color front and the likeness of a top-notch idol of millions is a “Thank you” note to Peter Jackson.

The fourth shirt that will be available on the web site is a polo-style collared shirt with an embroidered logo. It will be available in four colors. This shirt, because of its extra cost on TORn’s end will be ordered from the production company as it is ordered from TORn and will take longer to get to TORNados but will be well worth the wait.

The t-shirts each feature text from the recent fan-made “Aniron” font used by express permission from its creator. Restricted from commercial use, the font is available for fan use on his web site found here.

TORn still has a few of our old style shirts available but sizes and color choices are limited. Any shirts orders that cannot be filled will be refunded. We do still have a healthy stock of our “Return of the One Party” shirts available.

All our current merchandise and the new items are or will be available at our T-Shirt Store: [Click Here]

And of course buying our items not only gets you great stuff, it helps keep on line.

Images of the new shirts will be posted shortly.