Continuing the tradition started two years ago, TORn is pleased to announce the third edition of our Annual Baggins Birthday Picnic, which will take place on Sunday September 19th, 2004, from noon to 6pm in Griffith Park, on the picnic grounds near the Carousel (those of you who attended last year will probably remember the spot – for the newbies, we’ll post directions shortly).

As always, costuming is highly encouraged, and there will be contests, games, great prizes and lots of fun!

As this is a potluck event, please contact Arwen at to let her know what items you will be contributing – and check the news page in the next few days for more details about the picnic. We hope to see you there!

Two days later, on Tuesday September 21st, another great fan event and celebration will take place: Bowlmoot 2004. The gathering will take place before the performance of the Lord Of The Rings Symphony at the Hollywood Bowl. For more information about Bowlmoot please visit the website at