Thanks for posting the information about our “Trilogy Tuesday” ticket sales that took place on October 10th. If you recall, at that crucial time our site was down from hurricane Isabel [and stayed down for some time!] As a direct result of your timely posting, our overnight line for “Trilogy Tuesday” tickets included a good number of true believers that came from all over the surrounding states [we are the only location in Maryland doing the extended edition screenings and “Trilogy Tuesday”]. Two fans showed up from Colorado!

I wanted to pass along some additional information to you. Blessedly, our new site is up at .

We also will be doing drawings each evening starting this Friday 12/5 through Thursday 12/11, before each evening’s 7:30pm show of the special edition of “The Fellowship of the Ring” for two tickets to “Trilogy Tuesday”. So each evening, on those dates, some lucky individual in our audience will win two Trilogy tickets.

Thanks again for giving us a timely leg up and keeping your site visitors informed of what’s up at The Senator Theatre, “Baltimore’s Premiere Showplace”.

As an 900 seat, single-screen historic independent moviehouse in a chain dominated industry, it is an extraordinary honor to have been designated by New Line Cinema as the only theatre in Maryland to present this special LOTR engagement. For all of us who are striving to maintain and enhance The Senator’s cutting edge state-of-the-art presentation quality and gracious style of operation, it is truly wonderful to be honored in this way.

The LOTR fans we have gotten to know from our prior engagement of “The Two Towers” and from the “Trilogy Tuesday” ticket line have been terrific. As fellow fanatics in our own right regarding The Senator Theatre, we all established an immediate rapport and we are really looking forward to making this upcoming LOTR engagement a very special one for all concerned.


Tom Kiefaber /Owner