Available today in America are the latest series of minatures from Games Workshop. Here are some selections from the press release

05-03 THE RETURN OF THE KING $40.00 ($60.00 CAN)
The Battle of Helm’s Deep is Over – The Battle for Middle-earth has begun!
Following on the releases of The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers games, The Return of the King mirrors the events of the forthcoming film of the same name. It will take players through the key events of the movie such as the fighting at Minas Tirith, the battle at the Black Gates of Mordor, and the culmination of Frodo’s quest to destroy the Ring. Just as the film raises the action to new heights, the action in the game also rises with the inclusion of new rules, warriors, and scenarios.

The Return of the King adds greater depth and detail to the previous games with 12 new scenarios that allows players to re-create the events of the third film. The 176 page, full color rulebook also includes a comprehensive forces section that gives players all the information you need to field warriors from any of the films. From older characters such as Isuldur to newer ones like the Mouth of Sauron, from the noble High Elves to the brutish Mordor Trolls and the horrific Shelob, players will now be able to draw on an incredible variety of characters, warriors, and monsters for their armies. New rules also cover using banners and musicians in games as well as special combat tactics such as firing massed volleys at the enemy. The rulebook also includes The War of the Ring, a special section presenting an additional 5 scenarios covering the great battles raging throughout Middle-earth plus a new character to use in them.

Exciting New Miniatures for the Game
Over the coming year, Games Workshop will be releasing many fantastic new models to support the game. From Aragorn the King to the twisted Gorbag, from the Knights of Gondor to the Mordor Uruk-hai – players will see a wide variety of new miniatures adding extra depth to their armies. New warriors such as the Eastlerlings, monstrous characters such as Shelob, and heroes such as Denethor will be arriving to bolster forces on both sides.

The new game itself will come with great new plastic models, including 24 plastic Mordor Orcs and 24 Warriors of Minas Tirith, each force armed with a variety of weapons. Players also get new plastic scenery, evocative of the unique appearance of Middle-earth as seen in the motion pictures. Future issues of Games Workshop’s monthly hobby magazine White Dwarf will feature painting and modeling advice along with new scenarios and gaming material to further expand the game.

With the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King tabletop battlegame and associated releases, players are seeing but the third installment in The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. Though this film brings the epic trilogy to a conclusion, these releases are only the latest for The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game! Coming months will be seeing even more via White Dwarf magazine and new supplements, taking the action even farther in scope. Players can be assured that they can look for many years to come of miniature gaming in Middle-earth!

These new sets come complete with plastic models, starter paints pots, paint brush, and painting guide. Each contains either 12 Mordor Orcs or 12 Warriors of Minas Tirith along with 6 paints designed for painting the models inside. As they include everything needed to get started with painting miniatures, these make for great presents and figure sets for new players.

05-27 WARRIORS OF MINAS TIRITH $20.00 ($22.00 CAN)
The men of Minas Tirith have lived their whole lives under the shadow of the each and have never faltered. It is through their valor that the lands beyond Gondor have been kept safe from Sauron’s armies.

This box set comes with 24 of these new plastic infantry models, armed with bows, spears, shields, and swords.

05-28 MORDOR ORCS $20.00 ($22.00 CAN)
Orcs are the foulest creatures to walk Middle-earth. A vile race of black-blooded creatures, Orcs are the chosen slaves and soldiers of Sauron the Dark Lord. Their natural predisposition towards violence and weak wills makes them ideal for his evil purposes. In the land of Mordor where Sauron holds sway, vast legions of the foul creatures gather for deployment in the coming war.

This box set comes with 24 new Plastic Mordor Orcs, armed with swords, bows, spears, and shields.

05-29 HEROES OF THE WEST $40.00 ($55.00 CAN)
This set comes with new models of Aragorn, Eomer, Gandalf, Faramir, Legolas, Gimli, Eowyn, Merry, and Pippin (the latter three all in armor now!). These stalwart defenders stand against the forces of Mordor in the battle to protect the White City and the hope of all Middle-earth. This set of characters for The Return of the King is sure to be popular for both players and collectors alike.