Torn Staffer Ostadan had the opportunity to speak with Rob Daviau of Hasbro last month about Hasbro’s forthcoming LotR Edition of Trivial Pursuit. Below are Ostadan’s questions, along with Mr. DAviau’s answers.

Q: Who wrote the questions and answers [for this edition]?

A: The questions were generated, in part, by some of the people in New Zealand who worked on the film. They weren’t writers so we had local writers add/polish/edit them so that they were clearer and written in US-English.

Q: What special rules, unique to the LotR Edition, have been added to the game?

A: The “Fan Rules” allow people who know LOTR well to still play without having a short game. Bascially, there is a ringwraith and The Ring. The most recent person to get a ‘pie wedge’ is the ringbearer. Having the ring lets you skip a question once per turn. But, at the end of EVERY PERSON’S turn, the ringwraith moves 1-6 spaces to the ringbearer. If the wraith lands on the same space as the ringbearer, it takes a pie wedge away. If you have no wedges and it lands on your space (on its way to the ringbearer) then
you are out of the game.

At the end of the game, you must have the ring and make it to the
middle of the board in order to win.

I think that’s it. Essentially, these rules are for groups who can
probably answer 4-8 questions in a row. Gives some downside and risk to the game.

Ostadan writes:
“I suppose it should also be mentioned that Hasbro will be republishing the Risk: Lord of the Rings with a larger board, some new cards, and much better-written rules. This is not quite the same game as the ‘expansion set’ published in Europe, which is a bit confusing. Rob has mentioned the possibility that owners of the previous edition will be able to purchase an add-on kit from Hasbro, rather than having to buy an entirely new game, but I do not believe that this has been officially announced. The Risk game will hit shelves in December.”