Hail and well met all!

[Ardan Nights]
is a project which is dedicated to bringing a Middle-earth, that strictly adheres to Tolkien’s works, to Neverwinter Nights.

The project has been running for over four years. And
progress has steadily been made. We hope to go live with
our first module, Bree-land before the end of the Summer.

Bree-land encompasses the areas of Bree and the surrounding
lands, including the Barrow Downs, South Downs, Old Forest,
Midgewater and the Weather Hills. This comprises of roughly
151 16×16 areas and also 164 interiors.

But this is not all, that we have accomplished in the last
year since NWN was released, major customisations have been
made to the engine, with our own set of classes and races and
replacing the NWN magic system with our system of Songs.
There has been other custom content made ranging from a
complete selection of new PC heads, relevant monsters
and creatures from Middle-earth to a new tileset.

We are dedicated to an all encompassing Role-playing
environment, so our work is not only geared to the
adventurers, much work has gone into more “normal”
professions in Middle-earth, including craftsmen and

We recently relaunched our website with a completely new
design, which is hopefully easier to navigate and easier
for a visitor to find the relevant information that they
may be looking for.


Head of Council for Ardan Nights