Hugh Hancock, the Artistic Director at Strange Company recently sent us an email about the ‘movies’ in the Two Towers Playstation game:

‘We’ve got something kinda unique for you: “games from films” site reviews not the gameplay but the “movies” in the Two
Towers Playstation game. is a site focused on movie-making in computer game
engines. In this review, we’re looking at the way that the game blends between real footage from the Lord of the Rings movies and the “Machinima” footage from the game – Lord of the Rings moments created inside the PS2’s graphics engine.

Here’s an excerpt:

“As far as how it stands as an extension to the films, “Two Towers”
does digress from the plot of the films at times, in order to fit in more battles, but is otherwise fairly faithful. The “flashback” plot
mechanism is very nice, and gives the game a subtly different story arc, but the game
creators do occasionally seem to be struggling to find enough action
from the films to fill out their game. However, there’s nothing that really stands out as blatantly changing the story or feel of things, Gandalf’s use of very “computer game” magic in one of the levels and the “Suicide Bomber Orc” characters notwithstanding.”‘

Find the review [here]