With the release of Peter Jackson’s epic Trilogy fans of the Lord of the Rings have never had an easier time finding a collectible to suit their needs, but in this new found abundance of options it also becomes extremely confusing figuring out just what is available, when each item comes out, and what exclusive pieces will be available for each series. So, to help ease the confusion, we’ve written out this guide to let you know what is on the way, and what is already here!


Among the first of the Lord of the Rings movie tie-ins, ToyBiz’ line of action figures will soon be releasing Sam in Orc Armor, and Frodo in Orc Armor as the first wave from their Return of the King line. Luckily our lives will soon be complete as the last of the Two Towers releases will include the much anticipated Shield Surfing Legolas figure.

Play Along Toys

Easily one of the most exciting of the new toy lines has to be Play Along Toys’ Armies of Middle-earth series. The first wave of these multi packed figures include Frodo, Sam & Ringwraith, Eowyn, Eomer & Rohan Soldier, Two Ringwraiths and Twilight Ringwraith, and a Moria Goblin 3-pack. The line also includes a mounted line with Aragorn on Horseback, Gandalf on Shadowfax, Ringwraith on Steed, and Sharku on a Warg. What makes this even cooler is KB Toy Stores are now running a special promotion giving away a Free Gollum figure [shown here] and a Free Moria Goblin 3-Pack for all orders of $40 or more of Armies of Middle-earth Product. I got a chance to see the Gollum figure up close at ComicCon, and it simply rocks. Fans attending the Conventions this summer will also have a chance to get their hands on a special Convention Edition Twilight Frodo with Ringwraiths 3-pack from the Play Along booth. You can order the first wave of 3-packs by clicking here and the first wave of Riders by clicking here.

Releases for Armies of Middle-earth

3-packs Wave 1 pre-order now
Frodo, Sam and Ringwraith
Ringwraith, Ringwraith, and Twilight Ringwraith
Eomer, Rohan Foot Solider, Eowyn
Goblin Bowman, Goblin Sneak, and Goblin Runner

3-packs Wave 2 pre-order now
Ugluk, Mauhur, and Uruk-Hai Warrior
Pippin, Merry, and Boromir
Haldir, Elven Soldier, and Elven Warrior
Grishnak, Snaga, and Orc Scout

Riders Wave 1 pre-order now
Dark Rider (Ring Wraith) #1 on Steed
Aragorn on Horseback
Sharku on a Warg
Gandalf the White on Shadowfax

Lord of the Rings Deluxe Helm’s Deep Environment
Coming Soon – pre-order now

Bridge at Khazad-Dum with Balrog, including Gandalf the Grey and Goblin marksman
Saruman’s Chambers and Balcony, including Saruman and Wormtongue
Coming Soon – pre-order now