This letter comes to us from ElfStone, who is having a difficulty keeping up with all of the rules and changes to Decipher’s Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game. Take a read:

Dear Havens,

I have seen the link to voice my opinions many times on Gaming Havens and finally decided it was time to make my voice heard.

Last year at the TOR.n oscar party I received two starter decks, for the trading card game, in my goodie bag and grabbed a handful of booster packs from a large punch bowl. Of course at the time i had no idea what the cards were for I just liked looking at the pictures and oohing over the foils.

A couple weeks later I decided to find out what these beutiful cards were actually for. so i took a rule book form a starter deck and sat down to read it. i even got the cards out so i could follow along. Well within a few pages of instructions I was thoroughly confused. and I know I’m not a stupid person the rule book was just impossible to follow, and I was not the only one who thought so.

Well not totally discourged yet i went and bought a few more booster packs and collected a few more cards and finally I was taught how to play. I loved It! it was fun and a great game. I began collecteing more and more cards to build more decks and attended a weekly leauge in my area.

However as more and more expansions came out and rules began to change, or get added, and cards like Sting became illegal to play, I was finding it more and more difficult to keep up with. Not only was i supposed to be learning new rules and new cards every few months but often times there were disagreements over the meaning of the card text. And soemthing that once was fun for me was no longer fun and i found myself no longer wnating to play, or even collect the cards.

And I am not the only one who found that having a life meant it was impossible to try and keep up with the game. I simply cannot put the tiem and effort into soemthing this complicated. And while I would
love to someday play again, as long as the game remains confusing and complicated there is no way that i can.


Well Elfstone, hopefully our resources here at Gaming Havens can shed some light on the cards and some possible tactics, but if you’re looking for a card game thats easier to understand but still has the same fantasy feel of the Lord of the Rings, you might want to try WarCry, which is made by the creators of the upcoming LOTR Tradeable Miniatures Game. We actually just posted our WarCry review today, it can be found here. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Elfstone for writing in!