Luthien here with a few fan letters in response to Electronic Art’s Two Towers. Roland writes in with the following:

Hi! I’m really excited about the upcoming RotK game!!! I do all my gaming on my PC and I was a little disappointed that Two Towers didn’t come out for the PC. From what I saw of the game it looked great. Maybe the PC gamers are not as numerous as with all the other platforms but heres one PC gamer that would buy every game that had to do with the Lord of the Rings. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this. Thanks again and keep up the
great work.

Good news, Roland! PC gamers will no longer be part of the minority–every game coming out this year will have a PC version. Thanks for your input! Rotk looks like it’ll be everything you’re hoping for, and more.

Traci writes in with the following praise:

i loved the two towers and i cant wait for the return of the king. im a huge tolkien fan and i loved how the game fit in with the movie. im hoping for even greater things from the return of the king.

Glad you enjoyed TTT so much! We’re looking forward to Rotk too. Thanks for your comment.

Finally, Tj offers the following:

I really didnt enjoy The Two Towers that much to be honest. It was way too easy! The first mission when ur Isildur u r invincible u couldnt die. and u couldnt in the other missions. the only half way hard one waz protecting the door of helms deep because of the trolls. ohh and the trolls are way too easy. 3 swipes their dead! to easy! more levels would be nice because i beat it in 2 days! WAY to easy! other than that i loved playing that many guys the mission were u have to save frodo waz a blast but to easy! make this game harder longer and a lil more guys and it will be the BEST!!!!!!!!!

EA games producers have been known to peruse our website, so maybe they’ll hear your comments and make it harder next time, Tj. Or maybe you’re just a really good gamer. But thanks for your feedback!

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