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Today I’ve been at the Bardi castle at the live reenacting of Lord of the Rings. It has been a very impressive show with beatiful costumes and good acting.

Many children were involved as “soldiers of Rohan”, a very good way to introduce the little ones to Tolkien’s world. But many already knew the story, and yelled loud agianst Grima Wormtongue saying to him “Shut up, Snake!!!”. Very amusing!

There’ve been two Uruk assaults against the castle and the second was succesful, with the White Hand army swarming inside the walls.

Some episodes from the Two Towers were reenacted: The court of the tired Theoden, the arrival of Gandalf the White with the Three Hunters and the banishment of Wormtongue after the “awakening” of the king of Rohan.

Sadly I was there only in the morning, so I didn’t see the afternoon show with the final assault to “Helm’s Deep” more “adult oriented”.

Anyway it has been a very good day!

I send you some photographs that I’ve taken today and if you post them I will be very happy… I nearly had my throath sliced open by a Uruk for a picture, so I deserve it…

Thank you for your attention and your great website!

Ringer Byga

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