Luthien here with a tidbit for all you Neverwinter Nights players. HavensSpy Archaic sends in a link to his Lord of the Rings-based mod: the Dunedain.

Here’s what he wrote:

You may or may not be interested in my shameless self-promotion, but I just wanted to let you know that (as LoTR gaming has been a bit dry lately) I posted an LoTR mod for the game Neverwinter Nights at the NWN Vault today. The address is:

A full copy of Neverwinter Nights is needed to play, of course.

The Third Age, 2956 Upon learning of Sauron’s renewal, Elrond reveals to the child ‘Estel’ his legacy and destiny in turn: that he is Aragorn, true son of Arathorn II and bearer of the burdensome blood of weak-willed Isildur. Aragorn leaves Rivendell unsure of himself, but intent on disavowing the notion that Man’s fate is already decided. Meanwhile, Gandalf the Grey continues to focus his wanderings around the Shire, south of ancient Eriador. He is aware that Saruman has taken up in Isengard, but does not know that the White Wizard has set spies upon him…spies that even now seek the source of Gandalf’s interest in that backwater region. Amidst all of this, drawing in and out of civilization like waves upon a shore, are the Dunedain. Rangers are they, of an order that has outlasted their own Kingdom by a thousand years. The evil that rises to prominence in the East once fell their homes within the North. And they will not suffer it again without response.

1. Play as Gandalf and Aragorn in a post-Hobbit, pre-Fellowship adventure, one which was only intimated in the appendices of RotK.

2. Dialogue composed by an English teacher…

3. Abilities, side-quests, geography, and fauna molded as closely as possible to Tolkien’s world…

4. Two heavily scripted battle sequences: one, an outpost under siege; the other…well, you’ll see.

5. Uses some nice community content, including, but not limited to: Forest/Rural/Wayland Hills tileset, Lisa’s clothing hak, Arcana&Blackmoon’s light horses, Jason Robinson’s smoking pipe, Greycloak’s capes, etc. (all of this is included in the combo hak, which is in turn included in the main download).

6. Appropriate (not excessive) cameos.

7. Note: This module is dialogue-heavy, and, while not light on action, don’t expect a lot of random encounters.

You can check out Archaic’s “The Dunedain” by clicking here, and don’t forget to send in all of your Lord of the Rings Gaming News to!