Ian writes in to share his feelings on The Two Towers from Electronic Arts, and his hopes for the future with Return of the King!

I really did like the game it had good action and its fun slaching up orcs. Though It was too short. Also at Helms Deep I did not like the fact that their were orcs there. I thought it should of been just Uruks. It would make the game feel more authentic, and closer to the films. I mean what the hell are orcs from Balins Tomb doing at helms deep. I know its a video game, but come on. Atleast create some sort of choice on which creatures you would like to fight.

I know it would be harder to create, but it would be much better if each character had their own agenda. Like at Helms deep, if you play as Aragorn you would have to protect the doors with Gimli. That was one of the best scenes in the movie, when Aragorn and Gimli were defending the door. I would of loved to play that, hordes of orcs coming at you, and only the two of you standing in their way. Another scene in Helms deep was when Gandalf and Eomer rode down to save the day, it would of been so epic if you could play as aragorn or legolas, hacking at orcs from atop a horse.

In the Return of the King game I do hope horses are available. being able to charge down on a horse would be the best. I hope there are more than one hidden character. Isildur was a crap secret charcter, he played exactly like Aragorn but stronger. It was just like playing Aragorn all over again. I would of rathered like a Rohan Soldier, that would of been better. It would of made a bit more sense, atleast the Rohan Soldier is alive. Isildur been dead for years.

Though these may be ordinary remarks and you have probaly heard them before, I just want to say that Two Towers was good, but Return of the King better be Great.

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