For fans of the Lord of the Rings Tabletop Battle Game, it’s hard not to notice other Tabletop Games in-play at your local Games Workshop Retailer. Dominant among these games are the fantasy based Warhammer, and it’s futuristic counterpart Warhammer 40,000. Recently the masterminds at Games Workshop have added two new additions to these games; The Tomb Kings for Warhammer, and the Daemonhunters for Warhammer 40,000.

Any fan of Warhammer will remember the Khemri’s birth back in White Dwarf #227 and #238. Over four years ago fans were introduced to “The Tomb Kings of Khemri Bestiary” and the long wait till an official release began. Back then you could simply use existing Undead as your Armies of Nehekhara, but now with the release of the Core Tomb Kings units you can take a true Khemri army to battle with your friends. With creative talents such as The Lord of the Rings Ringer Bearer Alessio Cavatore bringing us a new set of rules and magic to bring to the Tabletop, it was obvious from the start that the Khemri were in good hands.

Your Tomb Kings army will consist of either a Tomb King or Prince, and a Hierophant choice of either a High Liche Priest or a Liche Priest, and while this seems like a limitation, the limit ends there. From these early choices you’re gifted with Troop Selections like The Tomb Guard, so loyal that those who lived at the time of their King’s entombment stood at his side buried alive until their King rose and they were again called to serve.

The Tomb Kings adds a new flavor to the world of Warhammer that many players felt was missing from the much loved Tabletop Game. One such Tabletop Gamer was literally in shock at the sheer power of the Bone Giant’s Unstopable Assault. With such new models as said Bone Giant, and the elegant warriors like the Ushabti Warhammer players are opened up to a new color and feel to their army options.

The Craftsmanship of these new Miniatures is incredible, thanks in no small part to Designers Dave Andrews, Juan Diaz, Colin Dixon, Colin Grayson, Mark Harrison, Aly Morrison and Trish Morrison. Comparing the Tomb Kings to other releases in the Warhammer line is like comparing a SideShow/Weta Statue to a Toy Biz action figure. These are just very high detail and well crafted models that Games Workshop has released to raise the bar in Tabletop Excellence yet again.

But what about our futuristic players in the 41st Millennia? Well as of this week fans are now able to swing by their local Games Workshop retailer and pick up the Daemonhunters Codex, the newest army in the Warhammer 40,000 Arena. The Daemonhunters are lead by the elite Ordo Malleus Inquisitors whose task is to cleanse the galaxy of the Daemonic presence at any cost. Able to utilize forces otherwise not available to the average Imperial Force the Daemohunters are the most feared the Empire has to offer.

With elements of Chaos threatening to infest the most inner ranks of the Imperium, the Inquisitors along with their Revenue of Henchmen, Sages and Survo Abominations made to look like cherubs and floating survo skulls call to order the Grey Knights to aide in their quest to cleanse the Galaxy of Chaos. These Grey Knights tower over the average Space Marine with enhanced psychic abilities and armor unseen in the 40k Universe.

Design wise the Daemonhunters utilize the best of existing Imperial Technology and bring to life characters we’d only ever seen in art form in the various Codices. Something that players of all cultures have been pining for for years. With Lord of the Rings in full force, and these fine releases to it’s cousin games Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 it really is a great time to be a Tabletop Gamer!

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