So you want to beat EA Game’s The Two Towers, eh? Stuck along the way? You’ve come to the right place. I’m just the guy for all your Two Towers needs. I’ll start in the beginning.


The beginning of the game. You watch a short cut scene from The Fellowship of the Ring and then it switches to game play. Isildur shouts “Kill them all!”. So guess what you get to do? This level is very simple and was made just so you can get used to the controls. Just follow the controls it gives you and you’ll be fine. After a little bit, you watch a cut scene of Mt.Doom erupting. Then when the game play returns, you get to face orcs with shields. Fun. use the fierce attack to break their shields then knock them down and finish them off by pressing R2. You watch another cut scene that shows Sauron killing Elendil (Isildur’s father) and Isildur cutting the ring from Sauron’s finger. You watch a little bit more of the movie and then it cuts to a close-up of virtual Aragorn’s face (which looks very much like Viggo Mortenson) and he says something like “I am Isildur’s heir, not Isildur himself.” Then it shows him telling everyone to go to Helm’s Deep. Another cutscene shows a Ringwraith and you enter the next level……


You get to be Aragorn! But you do have to fight Ringwraiths. They are so incredibly easy to beat. All you do is light your torch by going over to the fire and pressing triangle. Once you’ve done that, just swing away at those nasty Wraiths with the triangle button. After you hit enough you watch another cut scene showing Frodo putting on The Ring and getting stabbed by a Nazgul. Now, it’s very important that no matter what you do, DON’T LET THE NAZGUL GET TO FRODO. If Frodo’s health meter is depleted, the mission is over. Just keep hitting them and eventually they will “die”. You watch a little bit more of Fellowship of the Ring. Then you get to see an awesome cut scene showing Helm’s Deep. The graphics are stunning. It shows Aragorn talking to Eowyn and it leads to the next mission.

Gates of Moria

Very cool level. You get to face your very first boss. Later. There is a short cutscene from Fellowship of the Ring. You begin the level by just following the path that is given to you. Some orcs will run down a slope to your right. They are very easy to kill. Hit them with a couple of fierce attacks and they’re gone. You run a little bit down the path and the mountain next to you explodes and more orcs pop out. Just use the same strategy as you did with the others. Be sure to get the red vial that they drop if you’re low on health. Another mountain explodes and still more orcs come out. After you’re done with them, run a little more down the path. You will see a pretty cool cutscene showing Legolas (or Aragorn depending on who you are) picking off an orc with an arrow. Some archers will appear. DO NOT GO ANY FARTHER DOWN THE PATH. Pick the archers off from where you are, then run ahead. Some more orcs will pop out, and when you’re done, run across the bridge to your right. You see another cutscene showing Gimli telling Legolas (or Aragorn) that they should go through Moria. An archer steps out and lets a couple fly. Your character parries the arrows, and you go back to the game. Take out the archers and kill the orcs that come to you. Go towards where the archers were and more orcs will climb out of the gorge. Kill them and continue on. Be sure to get the treasure chest to your right to get more arrows (or axes). Keep going a little ways and you run into two more archers. Kill them and kill the orcs that run up behind you. Run ahead and you run into more archers and orcs. Once you’re done with them, you enter a swampy marshy type area. A couple of orcs will pop out here and there, but nothing big. When you face the four archers, there is a chest to your left. Hit it and health pops out. Now for the boss…..

The Watcher at the Gates

This is the easiest boss in the entire game if you know how to beat him. All you have to do is stand about knee deep in the water and start parrying. His tentacles will pop out and hit you. If you keep hitting square, they won’t hurt you. Wait until all three tentacles are up in the air and run up and slice one of them. The body of the beast will pop up and stay there for a second. Hit it with your ranged attack. The beast will lose health and go under water. Repeat as many times as necessary. He will die and the rest of your companions will join you, and the level’s over.

Balin’s Tomb

The level starts off with a short cutscene. It then puts you in the middle of it all. Don’t stand right next to the door, but more back and off to one side. All you do is kill all of the goblins that come near you. Then, you face a troll……

The Cave Troll

This is pretty easy, but it takes a while. You watch a cutscene of your character jumping up to the side and then you get to face the troll. Just keep running around and when he swings, stop and let off a couple of ranged attacks. Watch out for the goblins that will come out from time to time. After a very long while, the troll will die ( don’t worry, the other trolls don’t take this long). You watch a cutscene and the level is over.

Amon Hen

In this level, you just got to let the ranged attacks fly, or the combos work for you. All you have to do in the beginning is take out all of the Uruk-Hai and follow along the path to the right. Kill all of the Uruk-Hai you see, because you have to kill 75 of them. Do it fast, because they’ll kill Frodo if you aren’t quick. After you fight a little bit, your companions join you. After a little bit more fighting, you face Lurtz.


Lurtz is pretty easy if you know the trick. At first, you engage in an archery battle with him. Just parry his attacks for a little bit and he will give up and pick up a sword. Here’s where you get him. Run behind a statue when he comes for you and his sword will get stuck in the statue. Hack away with whatever you can. Combos, fierce attacks, ranged attacks, anything. Do this some more and he will die.

Fangorn Forest

This level is probably my favorite because you don’t have a time limit, you don’t have to protect anyone, and it doesn’t take long to do. You watch a cutscene of The Two Towers and then you split up to look for Merry and Pippen. Start walking down the path and some orcs will come out, but they’re easy. Step into the hollowed out log and start walking. A berzerker busts through and starts swinging. Berzerkers are really annoying because they have huge swords and swing them around a lot. All you do is parry his first swings and he will stop and just stand there for a second. when he does this, start hacking. when you knock him down, go up and stick your sword (or axe) through him by pressing R2. After you kill him, walk a little more and two orcs will come flying out of the forest. They were thrown by a forest troll. Just what you need. When you step out into the open, a forest troll jumps out. Trolls are pretty easy when you know the secret to kill them. Start running around him and when he swings, hit him with a fierce attack. When he tries to hit you, quickly press L2 to jump back. When he misses, run up and hit him with another fierce attack and repeat until he’s dead. Walk some more and you watch a cutscene of a bunch of orcs standing around a hole. One of the orcs gets pushed in and they all celebrate. Luckily, when the cutscene ends, you’re behind them and they don’t see you. Start off with a ranged attack. Be sure to charge it up before you throw it by waiting until your player starts shaking. You killed one, now they all want a piece. Kill them and continue on. You get ambushed at the river by some archers and some orcs. Kill them and continue down the river just to get ambushed by some underwater orcs. At the end of the river there is a cave. When you walk in, the is another troll. Use the same strategy and continue forward. You get ambushed by another berzerker and some orcs a little farther down. Then, you walk in on two trolls. Break the logs that are blocking your way and use the same strategy to kill them. Walk to the cave in the back and the level is over.

The Plains of Rohan

When you start off, kill the Uruk-Hai that are in the village and Gandalf will break down a door and teleport somewhere else. Walk into the building that got the door blown off. Be sure to hit the barrel next to the fire that trapped the people to put it out. Wait for awhile and you watch a cutscene of an Uruk slashing a guy over a ledge and his body falls on the fire that is blocking the stairs and conveniently outs it out. Another Uruk comes through the door. Kill him and go up the stairs. Hack away at all of the furniture that is blocking your way and kill all the Uruk-Hai that are there. Continue out the door and you have to kill a berzerker. After he’s dead, run up the roof with the crossbowmen on it. Kill them and keep going. You come to a bridge with burning the debris blocking it off. Use your ranged weapon to blast the barrel next to it and go on through. quickly kill the Uruk-Hai and go through the door to your right that the burning villager came out of. Go down the stairs and out the door to meet up with Gandalf. Kill the Uruks and be sure to pick off the berzerker that is on the house. Hack away at the debris blocking the bridge out. Go to the house that you saw in the cutscene and free the villagers. Then, kill all of the Uruks that are there. When you’re done, the level is over.

The Westfold

This level is pretty self explanatory. Just keep blowing up the explosives and killing the suicidal Uruk-Hai. When you get to the place where you have to cross a big river that has archers and explosives on the other side, just run across, killing everything that stands in your way. As soon as you get into arrow (or axe) range with the explosives, shoot one of the wagons. This will trigger a chain reaction and the level ends.

Gap of Rohan

This level is pretty self explanatory, too. The easiest way to kill the wargs is to hit them with a couple of ranged attacks. When you kill all of the wargs, go through the debris blocking the exit and you are on your own with the warg rider.

The Warg Rider

This boss is nearly impossible if you don’t know what to do. When he charges you, just keep hitting square until he is passed. Then he will do one of three things: 1) charge again 2) send another warg to kill you or 3) the warg will stand up on its hind legs. If the warg stands up, hit him with a ranged attack. It will be stunned for awhile, and while it is, go and link together some combos to take off the most life. Repeat until he is dead. When he’s dead, the level ends.

Helm’s Deep: The Deeping Wall

The first of the Helm’s Deep levels. This level is pretty easy, but don’t underestimate it. Keep watch of the ladders on the wall with the diagram on the top-right of your screen. When you see a ladder come up, quickly run to it and kick it down by pressing circle. Be sure to kill any orcs/Uruks that climb up the wall. After awhile of defending ,the level ends.

Helm’s Deep: The Breached Wall

This is one of the more difficult levels in the game. Your mission is to protect the door that separates the Hornburg Courtyard from the attacking army. The enemy will come in waves, so you get a little bit of a break between attacks. The first wave is Uruk-Hai bombers that you can just take out with ranged attacks. The second has a bomber and some orcs. Take out the bomber and the explosion should kill the orcs. The next wave is the same thing, so use the same strategy. The next two waves are also the same. The next wave isn’t the same. It’s some unshielded orcs and they are easy to kill. That wave is followed by some more bombers and some shielded orcs. Some more bombers follow and a pack of unshielded and shielded orcs. Bombers follow them, too. The next wave is huge. It has Uruk-Hai, bombers, and orcs. A wave of Uruk-Hai and berzerkers follow, so be ready. A cutscene of a line of crossbowmen starting to shoot makes it that much more difficult. A berzerker starts off the next line and bombers and Uruks follow. Hit the bombers as soon as you can to take out some of the archers. A cutscene shows a catapult being brought up. Some more bombers come. Kill them and use ranged attacks to pick off a few more archers. Then a forest troll jumps out with bombers behind him. Take out the troll and the bombers and continue to kill archers. Another cutscene shows the catapult being pulled onto the field. Great. Just what you needed. Kill the Uruks that rush you. Go straight to the catapult, ignore the orcs. When you get close, start slashing the orcs and Uruks. Start hacking away at the catapult’s armor. When the armor is gone, you watch a cutscene of the catapult collapsing and the level is over.

Helm’s Deep: The Hornburg Courtyard

The last level of the game. It is one of the most annoying levels of the entire game. Your job is to keep the wall separating the Hornburg from the rest of the people from being brought down. You start in the middle of the battle, so start swinging. Use combos and fierce attacks to keep the mass away. After awhile, you will see a cutscene of Aragorn (or Legolas) calling for help. Quickly run up the stairs behind you and run along the wall to where he is. Kill the Uruk-Hai that are attacking him and run back to the wall. Keep killing the attackers until you hear someone say “There are archers on the wall!”. When you hear this, run up to the wall and pick off the archers on the other side. When you’re done with that, return to the wall. Fight hard until you see another cutscene of two cave trolls coming over the wall. Kill them as quickly as possible. When you do, you will see a cutscene of the troll bodies falling and breaking the wall. You watch a pretty long scene from The Two Towers. Then, you see the credits. Congratulations! You have beaten the game! Now you get to do all of the secret levels!

– Mithrandir24

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