Over double the number of stores participating from last year (over 450 for 2003). Over 5,000 entries!

Here’s the Timeline to keep you in the loop.

HEAT 1 – Local
Now! – Thousands of hobbyists are putting the finishing touches on their models as we speak in preparation for this weekend’s judging. Saturday, Feb 15 – The end of the first Heat sees the judging of all THREE categories. Winners move on to the STATE finals and HEAT 2.

HEAT 2 – State
Saturday, March 1 – The three winners from each shop travel to their state’s HEAT 2 representative. Winners from this round are the 3 best painted The Two Towers painted miniatures in their state! A real honor in itself.

HEAT 3 – Regional
Saturday, March 29 – Things start to get really serious now! There are only SEVEN regional judging sites in the entire country. The winners from this round will move on to the NATIONAL finals!

HEAT 3 – Nationals
Friday, April 18 – GWUSA Headquarters – Glen Burnie Battle Bunker sees the National Finals of the 2003 LotR National Painting Competition! If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and congratulate all the entries.

All the latest news and information will be Posted in:

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