From our Friends at Games Workshop: Games Day is our huge gaming convention held in several cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, and Los Angeles each year. Each show is a major event, with thousands of fans gathered to celebrate their enjoyment of the Games Workshop hobby. Players can find everything from elaborate gaming events to sneak peeks at upcoming products to painting and scenery demonstrations and more!

Grand Tournaments are where the finest players around the country meet to test their skills in all aspects of the hobby, from playing to painting to sportsmanship, in organized events run by Games Workshop staffers. Seattle, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Chicago are among the sites for these epic conflicts. Only the best in all areas will rise to become the Grand Champion!

Rogue Trader Tournaments are where players can compete against each other in hardcore, fun-filled competitive events in locations all over the country. These events are run by local fans, and allow players to experience the same type of action-packed Citadel Miniatures tabletop conflict that happen in the Grand Tournaments. Results are registered online at the Games Workshop Hall of Heroes, allowing players to view their national rankings and be eligible for special prizes and offers.

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Games Workshop Announces Its Games Day Hobby Celebration and Gaming Convention Schedule!

Games Day is the huge gaming extravaganza for the Games Workshop series of hobby games such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40,000, the world?s most popular tabletop battlegames. These special events draw thousands of enthusiasts from across the country to join with fellow players in enjoying their favorite games. This year will see an additional third Games Day convention hosted in Los Angeles, to join the established events in Baltimore and Chicago. There will be gaming events ranging from beginner to expert for all the games, plus painting contests, seminars, tournament games, special guests, and more. Special campaign games will be running through all three Games Day conventions, allowing players to become part of huge overall events of thousands of fellow fans. Gaming Clubs from around the country will also be a part of the show as they put on their own gaming events for players. There will be lots of new Lord of the Rings tabletop battlegame events too, including displays and promotions plus of course sneak peeks at the new The Return of the King figures and game for the upcoming motion picture! Also in attendance at each show will be Sabertooth Games, running events for their Warhammer 40,000 Collectible Card Game and the new Warhammer Collectible Card Game, plus showing off their upcoming Tradeable Miniatures Game for The Lord of the Rings.

First up ? Games Day Los Angeles!
Games Workshop will be holding its first ever Games Day celebration event in Los Angels, an event sure to rock the West Coast like nothing before. For years players have been demanding Games Workshop put on a Games Day in California, and this year it will finally happen. It?s sure to be huge event, the largest ever put on by the company in this region!

Guests will include the head of the Games Workshop Studio Jim Butler, lead designer of the new The Lord of the Rings tabletop battlegame Alessio Cavatore, artist and painter for many of our projects on The Lord of the Rings Dave Andrews, author William King (of the popular Gotrek and Felix series of novels), Tony Cotrell from the special Forge World division, and more!

Show Date: May 31
Location: Ontario Convention Center, CA
Hours: 10am -7pm
Call us at 1-800-394-GAME for more information, or on the web at: