Greg writes us asking for help with Old Man Willow in the Fellowship of the Ring.

I am completely lost and don’t have a clue as to how and save Merry and Pippin. I am not the best gamer around but really do need your help. I am trying to get the guide as to the rest, but, I figure if I can’t even get past this, then good god, I am defeinately getting my moneys worth! Please help!

Well Greg, this is an area that I really felt needed an explanation during play. Your objection is to kill his arms without getting killed by them swinging at you. It takes some doing but basically you hop around avoiding the limbs then jump as they’re down to grab you and beat it with the stick. I’ve also heard that you can stay in one spot and throw rocks at the arms for a long time and that will break them eventually. Hope this helps!

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